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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday Face Off master list

Below you will find a list of all past FFOs; the winners of any given week can be found on the following week's post.

  1. The Dark Divine vs. Bleeding Violet
  2. The Friday House vs. Sight
  3. Ghostgirl v. The Virago Book of Ghost Stories
  4. Ice vs. East
  5. North of Beautiful v. Evermore
  6. Impossible v. Impossible
  7. Singer v. Deerskin
  8. Never Let Me Go v. The Unidentified
  9. Genesis v. Birthmarked
  10. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close v. Follow Me To Freedom
  11. Touching Darkness v. Shelter Me
  12. Peeps, The Laughing Corpse, Dark to Mortal Eyes and The Bible
  13. 13: Helluva Halloween Edition #1
  14. Werewolves
  15. Alis v. The Crucible
  16. Debut Book Battle Edition
  17. Shiver v. The Silver Kiss
  18. The Dragon Seer v. The Keeper's Tattoo
  19. Austen Heroines Edition
  20. Austen Heroes Edition
  21. Icky Edibles
  22. Zombie Locomotion
  23. Zombie DIY
  24. Zombies v. Unicorns
  25. Supernatural Creatures
  26. Halloween Candy
  27. Halloween Movies
  28. Best Villains
  29. Delirium v Delirium
  30. The Dead and the Gone v. Over the Moon
  31. Dreaming Amelia v. The Mermaid Mirror
  32. Glimmerglass v. Across the Universe
  33. Firespell v Firespell
  34. Once a Witch v. Once a Witch
  35. Ghost Town v She Smells the Dead
  36. River Boy v. Things Not Seen
  37. Nightshade v. Nightshade (v. Nightshade...)
  38. The Phantom of Pemberley v. Magic Most Foul
  39. Unearthly v. Unearthly
  40. The Dark and Hollow Places v. self
  41. Fabios v. Fabiettes
  42. Lyddie v. Sweet Venom
  43. Austen Villains Edition

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