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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Be My Guest, Laura from Tattooed Books!

Whoo! This week marks the historic third post of Be My Guest!. Who knew it would be so long running, become such an institution? ;p
Anywho, today we welcome the fabtastic Laura of Tattooed Books. I think you should go check her out, but first you should read what she has to say here on the subject of a great book she read lately, Leaving Paradise Leaving Paradise by Simon Ekeles.
Take it away, Laura~

Accidents happen all the time. The consequences of those accidents vary based on the severity of the accident. In this case, many relationships were destroyed and someone almost died when Caleb got behind the wheel drunk and hit his twin sister's best friend Maggie.

After a year of painful physical therapy and home schooling, Maggie is heading back to high school. Unable to play varsity tennis, or anything anymore, she isn't sure where she fits in with the other students. The one thing she is sure about is that Caleb is in jail for what he did to her.

Unfortunately even school isn't safe because after serving a year in juvenile detention and being on his best behavior, Caleb has been released and is also returning to school. All he has to do is complete 150 hours of community service and he will be home free.

Apparently though, fate has decided that these two need a second chance. Both of them end of working for a no nonsense older lady named Mrs. Reynolds. Maggie is to be her companion, helping her around the house; while Caleb is building a gazebo. The story is told from both points of view so that we gain a fuller understanding of just how easily appearances can deceive us. The biggest deception though has yet to be revealed.

Simone Elkeles has done a fantastic job conveying the reality of this kind of situation. The emotions are raw, powerful, and revealing. It read quickly, like her other novel Perfect Chemistry, and it had the same feel to it. There is an energy that you get form reading it and knowing that the ending isn't really the end. The characters are extremely likable and diverse. I really enjoyed the fact that the author made sure that the accident, that the whole story revolves around, didn't just affect the key players. Everyone was affected differently and there are varying degrees of that affect present in them. A terrific read if you like straight up fiction and a different take on high school drama.

So there you have it, folks. Laura's book push. Make you wanna go out and get it?
Until next week (the historic fourth post!).

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  1. Ooooh, great review! Methinks I'll have to get me a copy of this book! I haven't read anything by Simone Elkeles before, but I have heard such great things about Perfect Chemistry - which is sitting on my bookshelf. It sounds like she's a great author! Cheers for the review, Laura! Great guest post!

  2. Be my guest is a great title for this feature :)

  3. *waves hi*

    I just recently read Leaving Paradise - it was another GREAT book by Simone Elkeles. I highly recommend this book too! Nice review :)


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