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Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Face Off (5)

Occasionally, you'll come across two books with rather similar covers. Whether it's completely coincidental, a sign of trends, or a blatant case of biteritus, the question remains:
who did it better?This time it seems the same model (perhaps the same picture, reversed) was used for two books.  Which is more effective to you?  Which draws you in more?


North of Beautiful published February 2009
Evermore published February 2009
popular month for this girl, apparently...

Last week on FFO: Ice and East went polar bear to polar bear, with Ice freezing the paws off the competition (god, how cheesy am I?)

Have you seen any cover-twins? Comment with the titles!


  1. Haha! Cheesy is fun though so it's all good. I like North of Beautiful better it's really simple and pretty. The flowers on Evermore are just randomly there.

  2. I prefer the Evermore cover - I brought that one as an impulse buy but I wouldn't have picked up North of Beautiful just based on the cover

  3. I actually prefer the North of Beautiful cover, I like the colors better in that one! ;)

  4. Tough one. I actually like both a lot.

  5. Great blog. I have "Evermore" but I've never really finish reading it :(

  6. Evermore! I'm a huge fan of purple! :D

  7. it's a tie. the coloring for each sets the mood of each book well. i say tie tie tie.

  8. I really don't understand why they so often use the same picture for two different books. I mean, hello, we're in 2010 and there are many royalty free stock images out there. And even that I'm not entirely ok with. How many awesome illustrators and photographers exist in the world who would create great and personalized covers ? I know that many books are illustrated with pictures that were taken especially for the book and that a lot are illustrated with original illustrations. But there are way too many books with royalty free photos on them.

    And don't get me started on book trailers. *hint*
    I am amazed by the lack of creativity for book trailers in general.

    Ah, ranting is good sometimes !

    Oh, and I prefer the Evermore cover. ;)

  9. If I had to choose between these two books I would def. go for North of Beautiful. It's prettier.

  10. I get so tired of seeing things that look the same... but I like the Evermore cover better than the other I guess.

  11. I like North of Beautiful!


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