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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Book Rat Badges

Just wanted to show you all something that may be popping up on Book Rat from now on; just a silly little something I did one day when I was bored, and should have been doing any number of more productive things.  There will (probably) be more to come.
Book Rat Badges!

As you can see, so far there are three: Nail-biters, Magic, and Romance.  When you see one of these badges posted on a review, it means the book fell into one of those categories.
The Claw-biting Rat Badge is for nail-biting books that keep you on the edge of your seat.  They can be anything from crime and suspense novels, mysteries, or just plain good storytelling -- the type of books you can't put down because you just have to know what's going to happen next.
Reviews with the Wizard's Rat Badge are magical in some way -- they may deal directly with magic (like Harry Potter) or indirectly, as in some magical realism and sci-fi/fantasy books.  Or maybe they are books that just cast a spell on the reader.
The Love Rat Badge is for books with a good love affair -- ranging from hot and steamy paranormal romances to tween-squeeing, heart-squeezing, swoon-worthy fare.

If you see one of these Rat Badges pop up, you can safely bet that book is going to have a great element of deliciousness in one of those categories.  And as I said, there will probably be more to come, which I will add to the list.
If you review a book you think is worth a badge, feel free to use it, I don't mind; rats are very sociable.


  1. Oh, they're cooool ! Really nice art Misty. Awesome idea. :)

  2. Wow, Misty, they're really good! I love them! I look forward to seeing them on reviews in future :)

  3. such great pictures, I want to wear them on a tshirt, seriously, you should make some, i'd get it, if your crafty why not? I envision a whole series of these,darling indeed.

  4. Those are SO cute!

    You should put them on stickers, cuz stickers rock!

  5. These are SO fun! Love this idea :-)

  6. April -- I do intend to make stickers and bookmarks, so maybe I will use self-made designs instead of CG... (And I will send you some, cause YOU rock!)

    WMR -- T-shirts, eh? I do work at a crafts store, and I am crafty...I have access to iron-on transfers...Hmmm, I will contemplate this. If I make any, I'll let you know.

    Thanks, everyone! I totally didn't mean this as any self-gratulation, it was just a boredom thing, but I love me some compliments, so I'll take 'em!


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