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Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Face Off (6)

Keeping with the recent theme here on BR of 'I am a chump' with the beautiful covers, I thought I would share with you today one that's been tormenting me lately.  For the longest time, I have wanted to get the book Impossible by Nancy Werlin.  The dilemma?  There are two beautiful covers for it, and I wanted them both.  However, I'm not a total chump, and refuse to buy the same book twice*.  So a choice had to be made (and has been, though it was left entirely to fate).  So now I ask you, which one would you choose?
which one did it better?

Blue cover = harcover, published September 2008
Red dress cover = paperback published August 2009

Last week on FFO: the same model stared at herself (typical) from the covers of North of Beautiful and Evermore, with Evermore just  b a r e l y  squeaking out a win.  I personally like 'em both quite a lot, as did a few of you who couldn't choose.

*Alright, I won't buy the same book twice if it's not a favorite, so don't ask how many are favorites.

Have you seen any cover-twins? Comment with the titles!


  1. lol easy. The red cover for sure. Red > Blue =D

  2. Oooo I love them both for different reasons. I can look at 1 longer but 2 would be more likely to catch my eye from a distance.

  3. I prefer the blue cover! Though we only have the red dress cover here in the UK. My review copy arrived today! :)

  4. I definitely prefer the paperback!
    The red dress and the hair like that is almost sexy!

  5. I own the Red Cover and like it better then the Blue. Aside from the aesthetics of the covers I think the Red one captures the character better.

    I'm trying really hard not to buy the paperback copy of The Forest of Hands and Teeth - I already own the hardcover but I love them both :)

  6. The red dress cover, for sure. It's the hair. The hair is awesome.

  7. I'm no help at all because I really like them both!

  8. I like the blue one. Blue's my favorite color, but I also try to avoid covers with real people on the cover. This one would be okay because it doesn't show her face, but I still like the shadowy-ness of the blue one better.

  9. the red cover, I like being able to see more of the model

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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