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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


...in which no one will say Hi to the internet.

This video has actually been recorded and ready to upload for at least a week now, but...I forgot. It was the middle of Austen in August, what can I say!?
Anyway, I was hardcore procrastinating that day, so I have a whole little pile of vlogs recorded for you guys. Here's to hoping I don't forget them, too. ;)

Between the Spark & the Burn |  April Genevieve Tucholke
Belzhar + Belzhar notebook! (Thanks Penguin Teen!) | Meg Wolitzer
Isla & the Happily Ever After (and swag! Thanks Brilliant Books!) | Stephanie Perkins
The Green Teen Cookbook | Laurane Marchive & Pam McElroy
Sticky Fingers DIY Duct Tape Projects | Sophie Maletsky

Sara @ The Hiding Spot
Liz @ Consumed By Books

Monday, September 1, 2014

Giveaway: Hand-painted Darcy & Lizzy watercolors!

Sorry to be flooding your feeds with videos*, but here's the last Austen in August vlog for the year, and it's a giveaway!
[Also, sorry this is going up so late. I had ENDLESS trouble with youtube and Charter (of course) on the last day of AIA (of. course.).]

Rules and Reg are below; good luck and thanks for sharing the Austen love with me!

*But, uh... get used to it, 'cause now I need to play catch up, and will be uploading almost daily this week.

Fun fact: I was trying to teach my mom to watercolor, but we spent much of the day discussing random non-sequiturs like the one in the video... But anyway, on to what you came here for:

Enter on the Google Doc below to win a hand-painted Darcy & Lizzy (or a Jane silhouette, if you'd prefer - please note that in the doc, if so) + any goodies I might decide to throw in. I haven't decided how many winners there will be, but more than one, so YAY! Because this is international and every country has its own postal laws, please make sure that you are legally allowed to receive this, and that you have parental permission if you are a minor. And of course, the general disclaimer of: sometimes things happen, post gets lost in the mail, etc., etc., and if it does occur, blame the gods — neither myself, blogger, Jane Austen's descendants, Colin Firth and/or his wet shirt, etc., are responsible for prizes lost or damaged during shipping. Basically, sh*t happens.
Giveaway ends September 6th, 2014 at midnight EST.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Northanger Abbey Read Along: Misty's Responses

We're down to the end of Austen in August, so it's time for me to share my thoughts on this year's read along book, NORTHANGER ABBEY. (And you don't even KNOW how much I love this book!)

This is a long one, so I apologize, but it will be followed very soon by the last vlog of AIA, which is a giveaway! So at least there's that. =D

There were a lot of questions asked, so they can be found in full here:
Volume One: http://www.thebookrat.com/2014/08/northanger-abbey-read-along-discussions.html
Volume Two: http://www.thebookrat.com/2014/08/northanger-abbey-read-along-discussion.html

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Excerpt & Giveaway of Mr Darcy's Pledge by Monica Fairview!

Monica Fairview has been a staple of my Austen events since the beginning, offering up excerpts and cover reveals and taking part in our fun little Janeite Conversations that we do here in AIA. This year, she was prevented from adding her voice to the Conversations because she was sadly off gallivanting about and escaping from technology for much of this year's event. BUT that doesn't mean that she needed to miss out on AIA entirely...
Since she couldn't be here herself, she sent a familiar somebody in her place... I give you: a sneak peek of Mr Darcy's Pledge, and a chance for you to win a copy for yourself!

I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! | Favorite Lines in Austen: A Janeite Conversation

I have just done the thing I mock other people for, which is to use Caroline Bingley's famous words on reading in earnest. I've always found it so silly when people quote Caroline as if she's being serious and is a lover of the written word, when we all know, she's really just trying (and failing) to capture a man's attention...
But whatever, in this context, the quote is appropriate, AND it highlights something I'll be talking about in my response to Northanger Abbey, which is that Austen's words have take on a life of their own. To that end, our final Janeite conversation of this year is on our favorite Austen-penned lines. It's a difficult choice to make, and you've no sooner said your favorite than you realize, 'But wait! I forgot about...' Well, tough. I ask the difficult questions here. ;)
I asked...
This may be near impossible, but if you HAD to choose, what would be your absolute most favorite line in all of Austen?

Jane Austen MASH!


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Jane in Your Interwebs, part 2 + Items for the Discerning Janeite

For our last Austen in your Interwebs segment of this year, I'm going to share some of the other Austen goodies I have stockpiled in my bookmarks bar, PLUS some awesome actual physical things that you can actually physically hold to complete your Jane Austen collection. (Or at least, you know, grow it some more...)
So click through for awesome!

LBD Appreciation Post

We already know Pemberley Digital is awesome, and did amazing things with The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.
But what you may not realize is that the fans have ALSO done amazing things with the LBD, like this Beauty and the Beast / LBD mashup (one of two; other below) I shared for Fairy Tale Fortnight. (Trust me, it's awesome.)

So I decided that I'd round up some of my favorite fan-made LBD videos and share them with you. Prepare to feel the need to rewatch the LBD!

* I find Puppet Pals generally obnoxious, but there is something so undeniably cute about these pals. LOOK AT JANE'S LITTLE MILKMAID BRAIDS. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?


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