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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Interview & Giveaway with Merrie Haskell, author of Castle Behind Thorns! | #FairyTaleFortnight

It's no secret to anyone that I love Merrie Haskell's middle grade fairy tale / adventure stories. Full of plucky characters, well-executed fantasy elements and a ton of heart, they're pretty much perfectly geared to make me love them. So of course, I'm thrilled to welcome Merrie back to the blog for Fairy Tale Fortnight! She's dropped in to chat fairy tales with us, and offer up a special prize pack of books that frankly, I'm a little jealous of... =D

Vasilisa the Beautiful: a modern reimagining from Sophie Weeks!

Today, I am pleased to welcome back Sophie Weeks, author of Outside the Spotlight [review], whose "Princesses and Chambermaids" story last year took on one of the more memorably bizarre tales out there, The Goose Girl.
This year, Sophie's back and at it again, giving us her interpretation of Vasilisa the Beautiful.  Baba Yaga during the Cold War — it's not one you want to miss!

When I first read Vasilisa the Beautiful, I think I was about seven. It was in the kind of book of “world stories” that substitutes in Kipling for most of the southern hemisphere. But this strange Russian story with its glowing skulls, terrifying (yet oddly sympathetic) witch, and wonderful magical doll always stayed with me. It was many years before I read it again, but I immediately remembered, with great vividness, Vasilisa's sisters sending her off to Baba Yaga to borrow some fire. If you haven't had the chance to enjoy this story, you can find a pretty standard version of it here. In the little story that follows, I have plucked Vasilisa from her Tsarist setting to land her squarely in the middle of New York's Russian emigre community at the height of the Cold War. I hope you enjoy my interpretation. 
~ Sophie

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review: Beauty by Nancy Ohlin | #FairyTaleFortnight

Fairy Tale Fortnight is in full swing here on the blog, but it's high time I pull the ole vlog into this -- so I give you my first vlog of FTF, a review of BEAUTY by Nancy Ohlin!

Vlog viewers voted on this one awhile back, and many of you were eager to hear my thoughts on it. Hopefully, those thoughts won't disappoint you too much, 'cause suffice to say, I was not a fan...

FTF & WYA — a note on 2 twitter chats!

First up, I have a little piece of housekeeping. For those of you who read along with the #WednesdayYA book club, this month's twitter chat of Please Ignore Vera Dietz has been postponed to next Wednesday, April 30th at 8:30 EST. Hope to see you there!

Now on to the business of Fairy Tale Fortnight —

I've had a lot of fun in recent years doing movie view-alongs in my other event, Austen in August, so I thought I would carry that tradition over into FTF. So this coming Sunday evening,  I invite all of you who have Netflix (or own the movie) to join me in watching it together and tweeting along while we do.

But the question is, what are we going to watch?

GIVEAWAY: Titan Magic prize pack from author Jodi Lamm!

By now, you probably know I love Jodi Lamm's Titan Magic stories. Love. L-O-V-E.  I'll be sharing my thoughts on the 2nd book, Titan Magic: Body & Soul later in the event, as well as reading a little excerpt for you, but to tide you over until then, here's your chance to snag these books for yourself...

Interview & Giveaway with Danielle E. Shipley, author of The Wilderhark Tales!

A few days ago, Bonnie hosted a guest post on having to walk a mile in a fairy tale character's shoes, as well as a piece of flash fiction inspired by the tale "One Eye, Two Eyes and Three Eyes." Both of these pieces came from Danielle E. Shipley, author of the Wilderhark Tales, who has dropped in to chat with us today about all things fairy tale.

Check it out below, and then enter to win a copy of The Seventh Spell, one of the books of her Wilderhark Tales series!

Disney Princesses As...

Last year I showed you Disney princesses as all sorts of things (hipsters, steampunk princesses, zodiac princesses, princesses in lingerie... a whole menagerie of "princesses as," as well as princesses IRL). But the internets just cannot get enough of Disney princesses reimagined (thank god), and for awhile there, it seemed like I was stumbling across new incarnations of them nearly every day!

So I'm back this year with another little spotlight on these fun, inventive, intriguing creations from a whole slew of talented artists.  Check them out below, and let me know your favorites, or any you've run across, in the comments.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Fairy Tale Worlds

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke & the Bookish
This week's Top Ten Tuesday prompt is Top 10 Characters Who __________, and since it's FTF, I of course related this back to fairy tales. So today, I'll be telling you about the Top 10 characters whose worlds I'd like to visit. This may sound a bit easy (I mean, why would I not want to visit a fairy tale world?), but when you consider the sheer amount of curses and men kissing corpses, most of these realms make me a little leery. Surprisingly, not so easy to come up with 10. Which led me to a slight revision — let's make it Top 5 I want to visit, and Top 5 I don't.


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