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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Welcome Back? | Studio Vlog, Shop Updates, What I've Been Doing...

Oh, hello. We've really gotta stop meeting like this.
But no, really, it's be a LONG time since I've posted, and while there are reasons for that, honestly, I should have been back ages ago. I'm in a weird kind of limbo where I'm not really sure what I want to do with this blog (if anything) moving forward, because I'm just not talking, or feeling like talking, about books as much lately (even though I'm still reading every day).

But this is a chill vlog + chat, to ease me back into video making. I’d love to know how things are going for you, and what type of content you want to see. 

And I've said this before, but I cannot stress enough: if you don't want to miss any videos I post, make sure to subscribe/check out my youtube channel. I routinely post things there and forget to share them here (such as this video being shared almost 2 weeks after it went up... )



  1. No worries! Sometimes evolution of life carries you into new directions and something has to be set aside. I'm good if you want to talk shop, life, or books now and then.

  2. No problem! We all need to take a break every once in a while - I took 3 years off after starting a new job, and only came back to blogging because I read a series that I *HAD* to talk about, so I totally get not feeling like you want to write about books. Just take what you need and write what you want <3

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