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Sunday, October 3, 2021

Shop Update, Blog Update, 30DBB Round... Something, & Giveaway News!

Hello all!
I always promise myself that I'm NOT going to disappear for weeks on end after the onslaught of Austen in August posts, but it always happens, because I (generally) need recovery time. This year, though, I have an excuse -- two, in fact!

One, as you may already know, the power outage that sent AIA into a tailspin for a week also took my computer out with it. I have yet to buy a new computer, and tbh, I'm not really in a rush too.  (Tech shopping is one of my absolute least favorite things.) We do technically have a house desktop, but...for whatever reason (well, for many reasons), I don't like working at it, especially when it comes to writing or editing for a prolonged period of time. Fortunately, between the desktop and my ipad, I'm still able to run my business, but blogging has definitely taken a hit.

Which brings me to point #2: I have a business! Fulfilling orders, designing for the new collection, and my other work and life stuff, has meant no time for blogging, though I've been talking to you guys a lot in my head! I hope to be back to light blogging soon, so wish me luck! 

The point of ALL THAT is to say: hello again! I've missed you, and I'm ready to talk about books with you again SOON! I also know that this month was supposed to be a 30 Day Book Binge month, but it's not (officially) because I just don't have time to cheerlead or promote it, especially when I'm not sure who even wants it anymore. I get a lot of requests, but hear from virtually no one during the months when it runs, so I don't know if it's just wasted time. However, I do look forward to having that little reading boost, myself, and I know that people look forward to free printables.

And to that end...

My love of free printables combined with my love of coloring contests this month, and I am adding a free "coloring card" to all orders in my shop this month! As far as I'm concerned, this was a stroke of genius; it combines my passions of encouraging creativity in others with my desire to see more people send thoughtful snail mail (I often include an extra card for the recipient to send to a friend whenever I send a card to my own friend) -- it truly is the best of both worlds for me! Although you can obviously do whatever you want with the card once you have it, customers who color the card and share it on social media with my shop's hashtag (#WildPrairiePaperie) in the month of October will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 gift card to the shop!

But I couldn't leave you guy out! There may be no official 30 Day Book Binge this month (though I still encourage you to take the challenge on yourself if you need a boost!), but there's still a free printable! 

I've designed a second version of my coloring card, and I encourage you to print it out (on cardstock, if you have it!) and spend a nice afternoon coloring and sending on to someone to brighten their day. They print two per sheet, ready to cut (directly in half), fold (again, in half, but the other way this time), and send! Feel free to print as many as you want and make it an activity for the kids or the classroom, and brighten lots of days!

And I'm not leaving non-customers out of the giveaway, either! Those who color and share the printable version on social media, again with the hashtag #WildPrairiePaperie, will also be entered into a drawing! This time, 1 winner will receive a $10 gift card -- but depending on the number of entrants, I may pull more winners or do more/other prizes -- you never know! 

Either way, I hope you'll print and send these cards, and I hope you're having a lovely start to your Fall season.* And I really hope you'll embrace the opportunity to get creative and spend some time being a kid and coloring for a bit. I can't wait to see what you create! 

*If you're in the southern hemi, happy Spring to you! 


  1. Honestly, I'd suspect you weren't human if you didn't need recovery time after AIA and opening a business. Look forward to whenever life slows down to get those ideas you have whirring through your head. What a neat idea with the coloring contest. I've had the best reading habits lately and attribute it partly to #30DayBookBinge because I've got myself intentionally picking up a book or audio everyday- mostly right before bed.
    Glad all is going well with you- aside from the dead laptop.

    1. I always think that I want to keep the momentum going, though. Like, I've been posting every day, so dropping down to posting two or three times a week should be no problem, right? But instead, I crash. lol

  2. Awww what a sweet gesture! I definitely understand not being able to do all the things- you're human, and you need time to rest and recover, time to take care of basic functions, time to keep up your mental and physical health, time to keep up your familial and home connections, etc. I don't feel ignored. :D

    Speaking as a participant of 30 Day Book Binge, I rarely tweet or talk about it, even when I'm participating...in part because you've successfully gotten me into the habit of reading every day, and in part because I don't have much to say about it (OK, also in part because I'm exhausted and terrible at posting meaningful content regularly). But maybe host it twice a year or something, instead of quarterly? Maybe pick the times/seasons where you personally feel like you tend to need that boost to keep up the good habit, and host it then?

    I'm relieved your iPad is doing just fine for you! I also abhor computer shopping, and had to do it a few months ago, so I sympathize with you there. I hope that the lack of laptop is also making you spend more time doing art and non-screen things, which is bolstering happiness. But how you edit vids on an iPad, I have no idea. :D

    1. Twice a year is a fantastic idea actually... I might actually switch to that.
      I assume I can use final cut on my iPad, but I haven't downloaded or tried it because to be honest, as a general rule, I'm not a fan of how Apple products work. I love my iPad because it has procreate, and that's the only way I could get the procreate app, and I'm not going to lie the iPad is powerful, and the camera quality and screen quality are both excellent. But the functioning of Apple software drives me batty. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but I just dread the frustration. Also it would mean that I would have to record the videos on my iPad, so I would have to figure out a way to set it up at the right angle, and I just haven't had time to deal with all that.


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