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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

October 2020 TBR

 Here's a look at what I read last month when I *said* I would be reading the things I picked in my "Shop My Shelves" video... as well as a stack of potential reads for this month's #30DayBookBinge!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. What kind of books do you crave in October? 



Shop My Shelves video

Texas Gothic 
Find Me Their Bones 
The Bromance Book Club 
The Bride 
A Rogue of One's Own 
Spirit & Dust 
Beach Read (maybe) 
Mexican Gothic 
Something Is Killing the Children 
and maybe an audiobook (looking for recommendations!)

Thursday, October 1, 2020

"Cosmic Kitty" FREE Digital Sticker Set | #30DayBookBinge Round 11!

 Hey, bookish friends! Welcome to the 30 Day Book Binge, round eleven! Can you believe it???

I know we had a little bit of a break, there, in our "quarterly" reading challenge, THANK YOU VERY MUCH 2020, but we're back now, and ready to crush this challenge! And I don't mean the royal-we-as-in-me here; I mean we as in us. As in you

You can do this. You can read every day, and build a solid, fulfilling, enjoyable reading habit. I promise. I've said it a bunch of times, but I credit this low-pressure challenge with a renewed love of reading for me -- my daily reading streak stretched for nearly 2 and a half unbroken years, until I got sick earlier this year. And that streak? It felt good

And I'm ready to get it back! If you'd also like to bump up your reading, and build a solid foundation for a reading habit in a low-pressure, low-commitment way, I hope you'll consider joining me this month for the 30Day Book Binge! And as usual, to keep things fun and (hopefully) excite your readerly sensibilities, I'm made a set of free printables for your personal use during the challenge! You can find out more about the challenge, and the printables, below! I've used entirely too many exclamation points in this post so far!

30 DAY BOOK BINGE is a quarterly (supposedly) reading challenge in which the goal is just to read something every single day for 30 straight days. What you read (books, poetry, the newspaper), the format you read it in (physical, digital, audio), and how long you read for are entirely up to you! The goal is just to make daily reading a habit, and to maybe knock out some other reading goals in the process (other challenges you're taking part in, school reading, whatever).
You can share your progress, your reading picks, ask for encouragement or give some of your own on social media with the hashtag #30DayBookBinge -- I LOVE seeing what you guys are reading, and what you have to say!

Now, as always, I like to sweeten the pot by giving you some special, limited edition printables to go along with each round of the Book Binge. These are created by me, specifically for each round of our "challenge," and they are 100% free for you to download and use.*

In the printable pack, you'll find:

  • an October 2020 calendar, in a "pumpkin florals" theme
  • a TBR tracker in 2 sizes, in case you missed out on it in the last round (it was "Twenty Books to Read in 2020" then, but now it's blank, so you can decide the theme yourself) 
  • my "Cosmic Kitty" set of digital stickers, which you can print and cut out to use in a planner or bullet journal, or anywhere stickers will stick. 
  • Two Autumn-themed bookmarks, which I recommend gluing down to a piece of thin cardboard backing, like a cereal box, to make it sturdier for everyday use.
  • All files are available as PDFs and PNG files, so that you can use or print them in whichever format you're most comfortable handling (or resizing, as needed). Or crop the sticker images individually for use in digital planning apps!
  • You may need to set your margins to a wider width in your printer settings before printing. 

Remember, they are completely free to download, but they are for personal use only. Please do not share or duplicate these designs, beyond printing copies for yourself.

The designs will only be available during this round of the Book Binge, so make sure to snag them while you can!

Hope to see you during the Binge. 
Happy Reading!


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