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Monday, September 28, 2020

Shop My Shelves

Alright, last catch-up video of the week! 
Because I've not been taking on review books (or, been reading at all, for that matter), I thought we'd have a browse through my shelves to "shop" for some titles I've been wanting to read, and which may have gone forgotten for awhile.
Have I actually read any of them since this video was posted? Hmm... Tell me your thoughts on the likelihood of that in the comments, and I'll have a sit-down with you all soon to talk about how my foray back into reading has gone so far...


  1. I love the two Sarah Addison Allen I've read for a warm glow feeling. Rosemarie Clement Moore sounds like it will deliver for the season. :)

    Ha, my shelves are just as stuffed and my Kindle is full so no judgment here. Glad you're back into reading and I like your no-pressure shelf pull to help keep the momentum going.

    1. RCM is great for this season, but also just a fun read anytime. I haven't read everything by her, but everything I *have* read has been super fun.

  2. Ooooo great picks! I haven't read any of those (except Lips Touch Three Times), but almost all of them are on my TBR list, so I look forward to hearing your thoughts, if/when you read them.

    1. I need to do an update video and some new picks!

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