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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Open call for Ideas!

Okay, my lovelies, I'm bringing this to you.  It looks like I'm going to be hosting a challenge for the Wild Things group on Goodreads.  The challenge will last three months, and will comprise mostly YA books (exceptions being adult books that teens could/should/do read).

I would like to make the theme of this one to be reading outside of your box.  Getting beyond your comfort level and picking up books you normally wouldn't.  Discovering new authors, new genres, etc.

How these challenges normally work is we have a few different categories (for example, one could be genre roulette) and then different point levels within those categories.  So for 5 points, you may have to pick a random book off of a library bookshelf, and for 25 points, you may have to read 2-3 books following certain guidelines, or write a detailed review of a book, etc.  The more points, the more difficult the task.

What I want from you is ideas.  They can be easy or hard, but keep in mind the theme of stretching your readers' wings.  I'll take as many ideas as I can get, so if you have lots, I'll take 'em.

When the challenge is all worked out, I think I'll put it up on here, too.  Who knows, maybe there will be a prize pack involved, with bonus points going to those who contributed their brain matter?


  1. How about books that aren't as well known/books that won't be reprinted. You could either leave this open ended with a list of books people could choose from, or list a few specific books they must read.

    I vote for the UK novel Screwed by Joanna Kenrick. I absolutely loved it, but it's not done so well because of the title and cover image - some libraries refuse to stock it. But it's a brilliant book, and I think it should be compulsory reading in our PHSE lessons (Physical, Health, and Social Education - the class we'd have sex education in over here), and most other countries' equivalent. I loved it! But I'll stop banging on about it.

  2. You could have a category where the individual reads a book suggested to them by the librarian or a bookstore worker.

    You could also have a category of reading a book or story that is unpublished. Lots of people put things on the web that are not published the traditional way but are avalaible for reading.

    Sounds like a cool challenge!


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