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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Well, I guess the saying's true...

They'll put any crap on TV these days.

You may recall a review I did a while back on a (horrible, painful, godawful) book called Betwixt.

If not, allow me to refresh your memory:

"If I hadn’t been reading this for a challenge, I would have put this book down after about 20 pages. Actually, I probably would have thrown it out the window."

 "The best way I can think to explain what it was like reading this is to say it feels like it was written by a teenager who is out of touch with what it means to be a teen. The writing was young and amateurish, stunted and weird."

"It was filled with clich├ęs and contradictions, and the characters (who should have carried the story) were flat and boring. For all of these reasons, it felt like it was written by someone very young. However, the “young” person writing it didn’t seem to have a clue what being a teen is all about. The dialogue is horrendous. It honestly felt at times like it was written by an alien who had come to earth, learned all of its slang and conversational style from outdated, cheesy sitcoms and movies, and combined them all together."

"...there was this weird mish-mash of surfer, hippy, gangster and hipster slang, and more often then not, it wasn’t suited to what was going on. The characters’ verbal reactions to things tended to be delayed and then over the top or weirdly out of place. Smith seemed to think if she just tossed in a few curse words and some drug use and sexuality, she’d have the teen base covered."
"The plot was loopy and pointless, and the ending highly unsatisfying...There are so many things out there to read, in this genre and otherwise, that is seems a shame books like these are out there, taking the spots of ones with much more merit."

"It was a random book pick with a sort of cool cover, and I don't mind a good fairy story, so I thought I would like it.
Sometimes, when I'm reading a book, not only do I wonder how the author managed to get published, but I mourn a little for the trees that died to bring such a monstrosity to life.
Not quite as bad as the worst book I ever read (Julia Barrett's Charlotte, a completion/murder of Jane Austen's Sanditon), but in the Worst Writing Book-Off, Betwixt takes a solid 2nd."

Well, TV Guide reports that the steaming pile that is Betwixt is being made into a show for the CW.  I'm guessing popular one show based on a book means they've gotta have 10 more, and I doubt anyone else was clamoring for the rights to this waste of space. 
Who knows, maybe  they'll salvage it.
Couldn't possibly be worse...


  1. CW seems to be known for some crap lately. They have a few good shows but some others have gone so far past their expiration date it isn't funny.

    After that review of the book, I have no interest in seeing a show based on it!

  2. I totally agree with you!! This is why I don't have a TV at home, cause it's too much stupid craps, such as the Kahadashians, or whatever 18kids or 19 kids and more kids coming shows..

  3. So with you on the whole nothing but crap on tv. One of my fave shows for years has taken a horrid downward sprial and I have to admit I have not half of the episodes from this season. They are living on my DVR destined for the day when the re-run of Quantom Leap or some other old show I watch needs the space.

    I laughed loudly at this part
    "but I mourn a little for the trees that died to bring such a monstrosity to life."

    HAHA that was funny, as I have often thought of it as "Tree Slaughter" Good post, as I read your blog quite a bit I need to stop Blog Stalking you and comment more often. Good Post.

    mylastread - So with you on this one. It's sad to see the networks cancel good shows like "The Unit" but mananage to keep crap like 987 kids and counting, Jersey Shore (seriously? I would have popped all of the in the mouth) and other sad displays out there to rot our brains.

  4. Ugh, this was the one time an awesome cover FAILED me so horribly! I had no idea anyone else had the misfortune to read this book! CW...I'll be surprised if they don't go bankrupt in 5 years or less.

  5. Lily: I am such a lurker, so no explanations needed there. I keep telling myself I should comment more, but...

    PV: There are TWO of us? Damn you, Tara Bray Smith, damn you! I'm really kind of curious if there is anyone out there who actually likes this book, or *gasp* claims it as their favorite.

  6. TV bites mostly. If a show is rumored to be good I watch it on DVD.

  7. I do however love LOST and I'm still deciding on Flash Forward.

  8. I'm so behind on seasons of LOST that I've decided to wait until it's over and have a marathon.

  9. I've heard of that novel....good to know I can take that one off my list. I couldn't even get into Vampire Diaries on CW so I don't this one could go anywhere for me anyway.


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