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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

...A Pat on the Back... (January)

...and A Round of Applause to you!

What the hell am I talking about, you ask? I've decided that since time isn't infinite (I can never read every post of every blog I follow), and we all like to toot our own horns, that I am going to start a little meme where you can brag about yourself by way of sharing the favorite post that you wrote in the previous month.

At the beginning of every month, I will put up a Mister Linky for you, my little lovelies, to come link up the best, brightest, shiniest thing you posted for the prior month.  Have 2 posts you're proud of?  Link 'em.  Go crazy.

This way, I can hone in on the ones you especially want me to see, and you can let the world know which posts of yours deserve a pat on the back and a round of applause. (ie, you can get more people to read your blog, and point them in the direction of your best posts.)

So come on; show us what you're working with.

Note: You can just put your blog name as the link, though I would recommend a short description of the post, too, like such:
Book Rat (Soulless Review)


  1. That's a fun idea ! And one that I haven't seen anywhere else.

  2. Fun feature. It's hard deciding which post I liked the post. :)

  3. You can post a few, Juju. I don't mind. If you were on a streak, why hide it? ;p

  4. This is a really neat idea! I'll have to go back through my January posts and see what I wrote. lol

    I definitely have one in mind though.

  5. What a marvelous idea!!!! Pats on the back for Misty! :) :)

  6. what a great idea!

    Even though the post I linked was written in Feb, but I read the book in Jan, so I'm counting that as January!


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