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Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Face Off: Dreaming of Amelia v. The Mermaid's Mirror

It's always a risk (and a fairly unwise one, if you ask me) to use a stock photo as the cover of your book.  I feel bad for authors who end up with stock photos on their babies that they've worked so hard one.  But of course, it's always interesting what two different teams do with the same photo, and how they apply it to the different stories.  Case in point: Dreaming of Amelia and The Mermaid's Mirror.  I haven't read either, so I can't tell you which cover suits its story better, but we can all have our say in which usage we like more.
So tell me kittens, who did it better?

Last Week on FFO:  It was a race to the moon for The Dead and the Gone and Over the Moon, with Over the Moon pulling ahead by just one vote!  So close.  I personally like Over the Moon's cover better, too, but knowing what the story of The Dead and the Gone is about, I think it did a great job of capturing the threat and imminent danger.


  1. Nice catch!
    I prefer the Mermaid cover because I like the background image and coloring better =)

  2. The Mermaid's Mirror is beautiful. :)

  3. I love the cover on The Mermaid's Mirror. I just finished the book and sadly for me the beautiful cover was the best part(but I know some readers love the story).

  4. Dreaming of Amelia, because I like the colors just a little bit better. (Although, I'm biased, because I love Jaclyn Moriarty!)

  5. I did not like the book, but the cover is beautiful. The Mermaid's Mirror!

  6. I usually have a very hard time with these choices - an apples and oranges thing for me - but in this case, despite my love of colors, I definitely prefer the realism of The Mermaid's Mirror.


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