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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winter Cravings

Well, I've hated to admit it, and I've been putting it off for sure, but the fact is, winter is just around the corner.  I mean, Thanksgiving is next week.  How did that happen?  So it's got me thinking about some of my favorite winter-ish things, like cocoa and mittens (and of all things, ice cream -- I crave it more in winter than summer).  I'm thinking about winter reads and what not (I'm thinking I'm going to work in Odd and the Frost Giants, for sure, and maybe Ice or East, but beyond that...).  And I'm also thinking about shopping.  Last time I reviewed for CSN (you know who I'm talking about, right?  They have m a y b e  a bajillion items, from cute shoes to kitchen bar stools -- seriously everything), I came across this thing of beauty: a soft serve ice cream maker.

 Doesn't that just make you want ice cream right now?  [I know I'm not the only one who craves ice cream in the dead of winter; Twitter told me so.]
So I think, maybe, just maybe, if I'm a good girl and Santa likes me, I may find myself this winter, curled up with a nice mug of cocoa, my copy of Odd and the Frost Giants, and a heaping cone of homemade, soft-serve deliciousness...

What are your plans as winter draws on?  [And if you live in the southern hemi and are gearing up for summer, just hush.]

What are your favorite winter reads that I should eat with ice cream and cocoa?  [or some suggest your own food and bev accompaniment, I'm open!]


  1. i read Ice, it was quite good really! i love cocoa in the winter (and summer!) and I like nice hot soup too. easy to drink stuff is best in winter =) like hot apple cider (oh geeze now i want some!)

  2. I'm in the South ;) So I dream of snow, blare Christmas carols, and look forward to visiting family :)

  3. ice cream is great year round ;-D and home made is the best!
    i also have Odd on my side table. i think i'll pick mine up this season with a mug of mexican mochaccino. mmm.


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