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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Diary Entry: the Pemberley Ball

Diary, I have zuch news for you!  When I arrived at Pemberley for la gala, I discovered that another attendee planned to wear the zame dress as moi!  Can you imagine?  Zee nerve of zee little chit!  C'est terrible!
Of course, I dismissed my dressmaker tout de suite ("one of a kind" mon œil...), and immédiatement procured a lovely new dress.  I enclose a drawing of it; what do you think?  --->
C'est magnifique, non?

I looked simply "smashing" as zee English say, and zee ladies, zhey loved my ensemble.  As for zee men...well, zee Marquis stayed in stayed en France, of course, so what he doesn't know...
But zhat is between you and me, Diary, oui?

Zhere was one gentleman especially who seemed to pay me particular attention.  I zhink he was a Darcy, a cousin or some such of Fitzwilliam.   You know I generally prefer the dark hair and mysterious air, but zhis man!  His gaze was so piercing and zee way zee light played about his hair and features -- oh, mon dieu!

And he danced so beautifully!  His movement was parfait, alluring in every manly way!

I know I should not say zuch zhings, Diary, but I know I can trust you absolutement -- zhis man, zhis mysterious man, made me actually consider a tryst!

I never would have thought I could have such a thought -- about an Englishman, anyway -- but you know what zhey say:

À coeur vaillant rien d'impossible.



  1. My dear Marquesa,
    The new dress is fabulous! Thank you for sharing your latest acquisition.

    Oh, I do know your mystery man here. A remarkable specimen indeed. But I shall not speak of his name for fear that this note may get in the hands of the Marquis.
    Lady Vee

  2. Me, a little chit???! Moi!? Yes, my dressmaker has been thoroughly beheaded.;P


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