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Monday, November 1, 2010

The End.

It's the end, kittens.  Of Helluva Halloween II, that is.  But I've got plenty of ideas for next year, so don't you worry your fuzzy little heads.

I want to thank everyone who participated in any way (even those who just lurked and didn't comment, even those who just waited for giveaway days).  I had a lot of fun, and I know some of you did, too.  Don't be surprised if a few more Helluva Halloweenish posts sneak in in the coming days; the spirit of HH dies hard...

I've got a boatload of contest entries, comments, and participatory goodies to go through, so winners from the various contests will be announced in a couple of days.   For now, it's back to [mostly normal] programming.

The November giveaway will be up in a couple of days, but until then, IS UP and you can gain yourself an extra entry by filling out this Helluva Halloween feedback form (there's also an option to remain anonymous).



  1. Thank you for this AMAZING event, Misty! ^O^

  2. Lots of thanks for organizing all of this! Lots of fun, and it got me in the mood of the season!

  3. Thanks for all the effort to organize everything -- it made my October fun esp as I had little Halloween-ish-ness around me otherwise!

  4. I thought it was great!!! and really appreciate all your hard work, too!

  5. I had a lot of fun, so thank you for hosting this! :)


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