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Monday, November 15, 2010

Giveaway: Concrete Operational Box Set

Thanks to author and project leader Richard Galbraith, I have a special Concrete Operational box set to give away to one reader.  The box set includes the novel Concrete Operational, as well as accompanying CD of music and book of artwork, both inspired by the themes of the novel.

About the book:
 Germany Germany, a man who was free, a man who loved, now an instrument in their machine. They have turned him into the very thing he hates, what he and everyone he loved fought against, the world's greatest celebrity, a tool in the subjugation of man.
But the memories of freedom and love remain, and he will fight and change the course of human history for the better, but at what end?
As humanity progresses and turns to face the eternal black of the universe, the questions of free will and fate, of love and peace, of the riddles of time itself will arise, and Germany will be called upon. But is his will strong enough, is his mind ready to breach the void and provide us with salvation?

About the project (from the Concrete Operational website):
Operation Concrete, at its core, is a collaborative media project. It brings together the aesthetic and audio qualities of art and music around the power of the written word to provide the viewer, listener, reader, with a complete experience.
This immersive event is what Richard Galbraith considers as one possible future for the book, Richard is project lead and author of Concrete Operational, the novel that provides the content and themes for the artists and musicians.
He believes the debate amongst the publishing industry regarding, eBooks, eReaders, electronic ink, copyright, print on demand and everything else is secondary. Secondary to the true reasons for the written word, art and music: to explore the emotion that its creation derives.
Its future is how we evolve and ensure these ideals take priority.
Operation Concrete hopes to do this, by providing us with the facility to explore some of the deepest human emotions; anger, desire, love, jealousy and madness across three mediums.
We hope that, as you feel the music, as you absorb the art as you immerse yourself in the written word, you will find something that moves you, that helps you question life, and helps you move closer to finding a meaning behind it all.

Want to win?  Just fill out this form.
Ends 11/30

Make sure to check out Richard's guest post and my review.  Comments on each earn you extra entries in the giveaway.  Good luck!


  1. This looks really unique, thank you for making it an international contest :)

  2. This is very awesome. Thanks.
    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  3. Thank for making it international...
    Awesome giveaway!



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