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Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Face Off: Glimmerglass v. Across the Universe

Awhile back when I saw the (admittedly lovely) cover of Across the Universe, I knew that it reminded me of something.  And now, I think I know what that something is...
So what do you think?  Which cover did it better?

Hey.  Look familiar?  The German cover of Caragh O'Brien's Birthmarked is the same stock photo as Glimmerglass -- right down to the little droplets. -->

Last Week on FFO: Dreaming of Amelia and The Mermaid's Mirror gave each other the cold shoulder for daring to use the same stock photo.  Dreaming of Amelia can barely see itself in The Mermaid's Mirror -- because The Mermaid has left Amelia in the dust...


  1. They are both so beautiful! I think my favourite is Glimmerglass though because you can see more of the facial features.

  2. Across the Universe. I love the stars behind them.

  3. Across the Universe.

    Now I'm singing the Beatles.

  4. I like both covers. But Across the Universe wins! :)

  5. glimmerglass - so sparkly-like ya know ;-D

  6. Glimmerglass! I think it looks more soft and pretty.

  7. Across the Universe, without a doubt. I just think they blended all of the pinks and purples so beautifully.

  8. Hmm I think Across The Universe did it better - I'm a sucker for pretty colors =)

  9. I really do like the cover of Across The Universe.

    I have an award for you over at: http://librarymosaic.blogspot.com/2010/11/blog-award.html


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