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Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Face Off: The Dead and the Gone/Over the Moon

I stumbled across these similar covers awhile ago -- both are on my [endless] to-read list.  But the question is, who did Big Ominous Moon better?  Which cover (not story) makes you want to read it more?

Last Week on FFO: Lauren Oliver's Delirium battled itself in an ARC vs. release-cover showdown.  The verdict was ever so slightly in favor of the final version, though many people liked both.  I, too, like both, but I find the final more striking, and see why they changed it (it's going to be easy to carry over a series and make sort of iconic).  Also, as I started really looking at the ARC cover, some things stood out, like the awkwardness of the girl's jaw, which is way too high in the air, making her look like she's about to break her neck.  However,  I can't complain about the ARC cover too much, because the very awesome Polish Outlander just sent me her signed copy.  O_o   !!!


  1. I would choose the book on the right. The one on the left looks more sci-fi, the one on the right is just eerie :)

  2. I prefer the one on the left, because I find it much more haunting with the green color and the absence of people. The moon looks like its about to crash right down on to the city and that makes me want to know what the book is about.

  3. If I saw them both on the bookshelf I think i'd be more likely to pick the one on the right. Somehow it looks more 'girlie' and the one on the left looks like horror, which I don't read. I'm probably completely wrong ...

  4. The one on the left -- it gives me shivers just looking at it! I find, more and more, that covers featuring v clearly identifiable people on them turn me off -- takes away from what I can imagine about the characters!

  5. I like the book on the right. Something about it makes me drawn to it.


  6. whoa, these two are so similar. but i'll go for the dead and the gone. the title is what swayed the vote.

  7. Tough choice, but I'd go for the right one. The left one looks a bit like a huge Star-Warsy Death Star is going to crash into Planet Earth.

  8. I like both covers, but I would choose The Dead & the Gone simply because I think the colors work better together than the colors of the Over the Moon cover.


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