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Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Face Off: I think we've been here before...

Back in May we had a FFO between The Keeper's Tattoo and The Dragon Seer , both of which use the same stock photo for very different books.  Today's once again uses the same stock photo as well as one that is slightly different, but decidedly in the same vein.  There's apparently just something about the back of a girl's head when she has a long brown braid.  I guess...
Check em out:

So what do you think?  Which makes you curious about the book, and which do you want to pick up?
Which do you like better?  

http://www.thebookrat.com/2011/02/friday-face-offs-bite.html>Last Week on FFO: We had a Love Bites showdown between the nearly-naked dudes (aka Fabios) and scantily-clad dudettes (aka Fabiettes) that seem to always adorn the covers of paranormal romances.   It was pretty unanimous that we all hate these go-to cheesetastic covers -- in the words of Vampires and Tofu, we "despise those cover styles with the white hot passion of a thousand suns..." -- but if we had to choose, we'd all go with the Fabiettes, which are at least a little more suitable for public consumption.  I said "It's like, the Fabiette signals to the world someone who's kick-ass and not afraid of her sexuallity, while the Fabio cover just signals there's going to be some smut, period, and who cares what else."  What do you guys think?

Er, winnah? ---->


  1. The first book looks like a historical fiction novel and I really like that. But the cover of Sweet Venom is just amazing! ;)
    Sweet Venom is it.

  2. sweet venom...because of the curly ends.

  3. That's what I like about it, too. That little touch.

  4. Totally bored by the Lyddie cover, but the Sweet Venom one get my attention. I agree with vvb32, it's definitely the ends; they look like a snake ready to strike.

  5. I'm so conflicted. Personally, I'm drawn to neither of these covers. Neither cover really has much pizzaz.

    I have an unpopular opinion of the sweet venom cover it seems: the curlies at the end is the biggest turn off to me! There is something unnatural about it, but not in a good way, in my opinion :\

  6. Sweet Venom. I like how the end of her braid curls. The Lyddie cover is all right, but just the flowered dress and braid feels a little to generic to me.


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