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Monday, February 7, 2011

Love Bites: A Kiss of Shadows

This scene from A Kiss of Shadows comes very near the beginning of the book, after Fae investigator, Merry, has gone to try to catch a man she suspects of abusing magic.  He has a secret: Branwyn's Tears, an oil that apparently turns those touched with it into tightly coiled hormone balls...
Quite a way to kick off a series...

The tears cut both ways.  You could not use it to seduce without being seduced.
He made a small sound low in his throat and kissed me. I ate at his mouth, one hand going to the ponytail holder that held his hair back.  I jerked it out, spilling his shoulder-length hair around me in a silken curtain.  I plunged my hands into his hair, two fist-fuls of it, while I explored his mouth.
His free hand tried to reach down my dress for my breast, but it was still too tight.  He pulled at the cloth, and my body jerked with the force of it as the cloth ripped, and his hand spilled inside my bra.
Then I felt the spell like a great sucking wound, drawing my power to the surface until it spilled from the pores of my skin, and up, up into that mirrored surface.  Whatever it was, it was feeding off my power like a psychic leech.  It pulled the power slowly, like sucking up a straw.  I did the only thing I could think of.  I shoved the power into the throat of the spell, force-fed my power into the magic.  That hadn't expected that, and the magic shuddered.  There was a figure in the mirror, but it wasn't Alistair or me.  The figure was tall, slender, covered in a hooded grey cloak that hid every inch of the body.  The cloak was an illusion, and illusion to hide the witch at the other end of the spell.  Every illusion can be stripped away.
Alistair's mouth bit gently on my breast, and my concentration shattered.  I looked down at him as he drew my nipple into his mouth.  It felt as if his mouth drew a hot line from my breast to my groin.  It tore a gasp from my throat, made me write under his touch.  A small part of me hated that this man could make my body react, but the larger part of me had turned to nothing but nerve endings and engorged flesh.  I was sinking deeper into Branwyn's Tears, drowning in them.


It just gets better from there...

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