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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Character Connection: Alpha Males Bite

I know it seems like a weird contradiction after the WTF, YA? post, but I have a weakness for alpha males.  In a purely literary setting, of course.  (Pull the AM crap on me in real life, and I'm more likely to sock you in the jaw than swoon.)

But in a book, when done well, boy does it work.  And I know I'm not alone in this.  I don't want to analyze this too much, but I do want to say briefly that -- among the many strange psychological reasons it's appealing -- we like to read about the bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold/reformed-jackass/cocky-bastard-who-shows-his-soft-side-to-us/jerk-who-we-wear-down-until-he's-devoted-and-biddable-but-still-strong/you-get-the-idea...
I can't be positive, the reports are still coming in and have yet to be talllied, but I think this is the reason.

But it doesn't matter why we like them, the point is that we do.  Today, I just want to tell you about a few of my favorites:

  • Clayton Danvers (Women of the Otherworld, Armstrong) -- I already told you about Clay in the Hawties Game.  Clay is...my god, the man is a total asshole to nearly every person he meets.  He's insufferable.  But there are such good reasons for him to be this way, that I find it hard to fault him.  I empathize, which I wasn't expecting.  And oh! he's a genius, he's a sexybeast, and he's positively devoted to Elena.  And when Savannah comes into the story, and he's actually really good with her, and you begin to see that maybe he's a familyman-type guy...Done.  I'm done.  Clay, you win.
  • Jericho Barrons (Fever series, Moning) -- this is a new one for me: I just finished Darkfever last night.  But I can already tell by the cracks that are starting to appear in Barrons dickhead demeanor that I am going to love him soon.  And I want to know, same as Mac does, what is going on with him, what his secrets are.  (Nobody tell me!)
  • Adam Hauptman (Mercedes Thompson series, Briggs) -- I love Adam.  He's so poised and in control all the time, but as the series goes on, he becomes less and less afraid of putting himself out there and showing Mercy just how much he loves her.  You know there's a closet softy in there, but woe to anyone who challenges him or those he loves.
  • Jean Claude (Anita Blake series, Hamilton) -- Sure, he can be a little frou-frou.  But there is just something about Jean-Claude, and you know he always has something up his frilly sleeves.  He keeps Anita on her toes (no easy feat), and he does it looking and acting fabulous.  (And I mean that to be less Lord Akeldama than it sounded...)
  • Ethan Sullivan (Chicagoland Vampires, Neill) -- Ethan may not be quite as stand out in terms of originality, but I really, really love his interactions with Merit.  He's so totally used to being obeyed that his tendency to get slightly flustered when she doesn't amuse me to no end and make me like him a little more.
  • and lastly, but oh, so certainly not least, Lord Maccon (Parasol Protectorate, Carriger) -- Lord Maccon.  Oh, Lord Maccon.  I don't even think I can say anything else.  Mm, mm, mmmm, Lord Maccon...
And you want to know the really great thing about of these Alpha Males?  The each have an Alpha Bitch standing right there beside them...

So who are your favorite Alpha Males?  Or do you go for a different type?

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  1. mmmMmmMMmMMMMMmmmmm.

    that is all.

  2. Great post.
    Super happy to see Clayton Danvers and Lord Maccon on the list.
    I love Curran, The Beat Lord from Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniel's series and Bones, Jeaniene Frost's blonde and British badass alpha.

  3. I second the Bones and Curran and will add Rhys from The Iron Duke (Meljean Brook)

  4. I only know a couple of these, but damn, they're hot. And I'm right there with ya in tending to dislike them in person. I guess I just like to see someone else wear them down--I don't have the energy! Alpha Bitch I am not (usually!) but I'm glad they're out there to tame these baddasses for me!


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