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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A little more on Love Bites...

So, awhile back I mentioned having a "Para/Normal Romance" event (including mostly paranormal reads, with some straight forward romancey stuff bound to sneak in); but then I got so wrapped up in preparing for Winter Wonderland that Love Bites kind of got put on a back burner. (Note to self: do not schedule events with only 1 week apart.  Bad. Idea.)
But now that it starts next week, I'm realizing I should probably tell you a little more about it, and offer 1 more chance to join the fun.
(Somebody?  Anybody?  So far, I have 1 taker.  And though I don't have to have guest posts, I love to have you guys involved.)

Here is what I am envisioning for Love Bites:

  • I want to keep things pretty simple.  I'm thinking in terms of "bites" -- I want everything to (for the most part) just be little bites, little tastes of things -- mini reviews on favorite para/normal romance books, short excerpts and teasers, silly little posts on your favorite hawt alpha males, that sort of stuff.  So nothing too labor intensive to read OR to write (if you're guesting).  Just fun little "bites" people can stop by and nosh on.
  • I would love to have a few people do lists of their favorite PNR (or romance, or historical romance, whatever) reads -- little recommendation lists, where they gush and convince us why we need to bump the books up on our own lists.  They can be as long or short as you'd like (Top 3, Top 10 -- I don't care)
  • I'm going to have a giveaway (likely a couple), but I'd welcome any giveaways of any kind (books, swag, whathaveyou)
  • It runs from Monday, Feb  7 - Monday, Feb 14 (which will be the day of the final WTF, YA? relationships rant.  You may recall the discussion starter...)
That's pretty much it.  Just a fun little miniature sized event full of lovin.

So again, if anyone would like to be involved and volunteer a "bite" for a guest post, I'd love to have you.  You can email me your questions, suggestions, ideas or even your post directly at mbradenwf@gmail.com 

And even if you don't want to guest post, I hope to see you during the event!



  1. Misty, I can do a little "bite" for the Blue Bloods series. How long do you want it to be, a paragraph or so?

  2. Honestly, how ever long you're comfortable with making it. Some bites might be big bites, and some just teensy, tiny amuse bouches... ;)


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