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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bloodsucking Fiends Bite

Bloodsucking Fiends (A Love Story, #1)
by Christopher Moore 

from Goodreads:
Here's something different: a vampire novel that's light, funny, and not at all hackneyed. Between scenes of punks bowling frozen turkeys on the graveyard shift in a supermarket, or snapping turtles loose in a loft and gnawing on designer shoes, this novel has comic charm to spare. But it also packs an appealingly downbeat message about the consumer culture: Becoming a vampire has given the twentysomething heroine "a crampless case of rattlesnake PMS"--a grumpy mood in which she realizes that she can dress to the nines as a "Donner Party Barbie" and still end up disillusioned and unhappy, just another slacker doing her own laundry and watching sucky TV 'til the sun rises.

The bite (in which I talk about a lot of stuff you won't know anything about until you read the book...):
All in all, I thought this was really enjoyable. I loved Jody, and I loved the shenanigans, and even though I wanted to hurt Tommy at times (see note below), I liked him for generally being the one to cause the shenanigans.
I think Moore is really good at creating memorable characters and borderline caricatures that don't really irritate, or are lovable even when they are irritating. I loved the Emperor and his Men, and the Wongs and their wooing of Tommy. Good stuff. I'm curious to see where he goes with the sequels, and I will eventually read them.  As for the romancey, sexy stuff: it was quirky and funny, and a good shake-up, I think.  I read an excerpt of the scene just after Jody and Tommy's first sexual encounter as my teaser for the book.  Funny stuff.

A note on Tommy (or, Jody, what the hell is wrong with you?): Really, Jody? Really? Okay, I get that you are completely co-dependent, but you couldn't have picked someone who, I don't know, doesn't try to drown you, then freeze you, then BRONZE you? And all of this is fine? There's never much anger or even consequences for being an utter dumbass. And though yes, he's funny, and yes, he easily accepted your "condition" and is willing to be your minion or sorts, some day he's going to get you killed. For real.

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