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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cover Games Bite

Since we all seem to have fun with silly cover games (myself included), I thought we'd do one for Love Bites.
Here are some of my favorite covers from paranormal/supernatural romance books.  Some are more heavy on the para than the romance, but this is just for fun, so don't yell at me; I already know.
I've left off all of the "typical" covers -- one sweaty chest, appealing as it may be, really looks like another, ya know?
I think I've made this one easier for you...don't let me down.

Submit your answers here; if you don't know the name of the book, the author or series name is fine, too:

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  1. I'm actually really surprised at how many of these covers I recognize, considering I don't read a lot of paranormal, I don't read much romance, and the only of either genre I read is from the YA section. (Although, I do recognize several YA titles on that list! :) )

  2. I think I got all but 3 or 4. So fun! Thanks!!

  3. I think I got them all but #12. I had to finally give up :(.
    Thanks for the fun!


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