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Monday, February 7, 2011

Love Bites: Meredith Gentry

Beautiful Princess Meredith of the Fey has been on the run from the Unseelie Court for several years, having taken the human identity of Meredith (Merry) Gentry and working as a private eye who handles cases with a supernatural bent. During a case involving a bizarre cult and Faerie artifacts, Meredith is forced to use her magic. She is immediately noticed by her aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness, who resolves to have Meredith brought back to the Court.
The Queen sends her bodyguards to do the dirty work, but Meredith agrees to return home without a fight. The Queen seeks to find an heir to the throne because she feels her resentful and sadistic son, Prince Cel, isn't suitable to rule. She devises a strange contest between Meredith and Cel, decreeing that the first to bear a child shall have the crown -- and the loser will be put to death. Thus begins a violent struggle between the rivals that involves unbridled passions, malicious attacks, and bitter betrayals. 

"I want to fall on you like some ravening beast.  
I don't want to be gentle. 
I just want."

Holy smut alert, batman!  For those of you familiar with Hamilton's Anita Blake series -- if you think Anita and her cohorts get up to some shenanigans, she's got nothing on the Merry Gentry crew...  I read this for my book club last year, and it was quite a raucous meeting, to say the least.  (Almost as raucous as the time we read aloud from "Pirate" by Fabio.  Yes, by Fabio, not just starring him on the cover...)
Now, this storyline and the actual writing didn't do it for me like the AB stories did -- I have yet to read past A Kiss of Shadows.  But from a purely smut level, this one's gold.  Creepy, uncomfortable, totally weird gold. The plot revolves around a need to get pregnant, which is really just an excuse for Hamilton to write a lot of sex scenes with various fae men. It starts off with a bang -- or a near-orgy brought on by a faerie substance -- and doesn't let up through various long haired, buff faeries -- one of them with tentacles coming out of his stomach.  This provided much discussion (and much yelling of "Tentacles.  TENTACLES!") from various book club members. 
If that doesn't intrigue you, let me leave you with this: this book is so dirty at times that my very married, not so shy NL* Jenn felt the need to hide the book under her pillow when her husband walked in the room.  My other very married friend, however, would simply dogear the pages to show her husband later...

*NL = Naughty Librarian

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