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Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Face Off: Blood Magic v. Losing Faith

I noticed this one awhile back and just kept forgetting to work it into the FFO schedule.  Though these covers both have their own spin, I'm pretty sure this is the same stock photo, doctored to fit the story (one assumes), and with one being a cropped version.  What's interesting is that they're both 2011 debuts...
So what do you guys think?  Which makes you want to pick up the book on cover appeal alone (if any)?
Who did it better?

Last Wee on FFO:  Lyddie felt the sharp sting of defeat when it went braid-to-braid with Sweet Venom.  With one exception, everyone loved the little curlicue ends, and Sweet Venom won in a landslide.
Winnah ---->


  1. Blood Magic, all the way! I like the colors better. I think the red against the black vs. the bluish on the white has more pazzaz. I like the background better and I like that I can see more of the body on Blood Magic.

    I think the Blood Magic cover tells more about the story. Well, I would have to assume so anyway.

    - Jackie

  2. Blood Magic! Loving that cover. The flower in the hand, the colour, the creepy trees, yep, Blood Magic!

  3. Definitely Losing Faith! The Blood Magic cover is pretty, but the coloring of the Losing Faith cover makes it feel more original, where as the red flowers and black backdrop of The Blood Magic color kind of make it look like just another paranormal story.

  4. the one on the left! blood magic red just pops.

  5. Had never noticed they were the same picture, really. Maybe because Losing Faith is not so nitid.

    I like Blood Magic better. Losing Faith may be more original, but... nope, I still prefer Blood Magic.

  6. Blood Magic! The bright red color is so super eye-catching and I love the creativity in making the flower blood-like.

  7. Good eye, I never would have noticed that!

    Hmm....I'm not really crazy about either cover. Losing Faith is kinda dull...too much white space, and Blood Magic's cover looks too photo shopped for my taste.

    But I like creepy trees =)

  8. They're definitely the same photo but it took a close look to realize that. I never would have caught it.

    Blood Magic. It's the background forest that does it for me.


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