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Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Face Off (13)

Alright, it may not be Friday the 13th, but this is the 13th post of Friday Face Off, so I thought we should have something a little creepyish and special to commemorate: a creepy contest in 3 rounds.  A creep-off, if you will.

ROUND 1: Creepy character book
We Have Always Lived in the Castle is one of my favorite books of recent, and I absolutely loved the disturbing main character, Merricat.  I loved the cover, too, but there were actually a couple of characters I liked for this one.  So which was works for you?  Which gives you the eerie feeling and suits the story best?

ROUND 2: Creepy cats
We all know the whole back cats crossing your path jazz, but what about black cats on covers?  Amazingly, I found two totally different black cat books with very similar covers -- just like a normal FFO!  So which black cat is bringing more bad luck in this round?

ROUND 3: Creepy mash-ups.
My sister is more than a little disturbed by the covers of these two books, so I thought it only fair to include them.  Now it's up to you: which do you like better, which turns your stomach more -- whatever criteria you use to judge such a thing

Last Week on FFO: A whole lot of books went head (Peeps v. The Laughing Corpse v. Dark to Mortal Eyes v. The New Testament (Illuminated).  You all seemed to prefer Peeps better, with a couple of nods to Dark to Mortal Eyes, but the reasoning seemed to have more to do with Westerfeld loyalty than the actual covers.  I personally preferred The Laughing Corpse, which made great use of color and font, IMO.  And yes, it really was the Bible.  The creepy, creepy version, apparently.  Whatever sells, I guess.


  1. I prefer the one on the right in the first two face offs. Those people on Castle look seriously spooky. The cat on the right looks real (is he real?) and looks like he's ready to rip my face off.

    PPZ is a tough call. They're both seriously creepy. I think I'll go with the one on the left because it looks so much like a typical Austen cover if you just glance at it, then the details creep in and creep me out.

  2. Ok for Castles I prefer the on on the right, much more creepy than the first one.

    The Black Cat on the left is scarier than the one on the right.

    And for the third definitely the one on the left, although the whole child thing is distrubing too. Almost a tie.

  3. Creepy characters: 1
    Creepy cats: 2



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