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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Be My Guest, the Easter Bunny!!!

Today we have a very special guest who agreed to do a little interview with us.  He took time out of his busy holiday schedule to set up a little Skype session for us, which I then painstakingly transcribed for you.  He's a little tired from all of his early morning deliveries, so he may be a little cranky; you'll have to bear with him...

Book Rat: So, Mr. Bunny.  How'd you get into the egg delivery business?  Seems an odd job choice for a rabbit.

Easter Bunny:  I grew up on a farm, and the girl next pen was this gorgeous little number, a real hot chick, ya know?  Anyway, it was her idea.  Let's just say we were a little indiscreet and we had to do something with all of the eggs...

BR:  Oh.  Oh, my.   And are you and she still --

EB:  I don't want to talk about Gertie.

BR:  Okay.  Well, you're quite famous now; have any of the eggs ever tracked you down looking for a l'egg up into the business? (chuckles)

EB: No. (looks shifty)

BR: Are you sure, you --

EB: No! (disappears from monitor view for a moment)  Moving on...

BR.  Okay.  Moving on.  You had a little "incident" with some lawmen in Texas a few years ago.  Care to clear the air on that?

EB:  What?  You've never egged a house before?

BR:  Well, actually, no, I haven't.  But what prompted this particular egging?

EB:  They got a lotta farms out that way.  Lotta chicks.  Turned out one chick had a rooster back in the coop...things got a little outta hand, that's all.  Look, a few years is lifetimes ago, okay?  Can't we talk about something pleasant?  (crunches carrot thoughtfully)

BR:  Sure.  Let's talk about your blossoming singing career.

 EB:  (leans toward webcam, so all BR sees are fervent beady black eyes)  Yeah!  I mean, on the farm, we sang all the time, but when this whole Easter gig started, I kinda let that fall by the wayside.  But now, with the commercial and all, things are really getting back on track.  I'm an artist, ya know?  I mean, I paint all those damn little eggs, and nobody ever says a thing about the artistry that goes into them!  With the singing, at least I can get the recognition I deserve, ya know?  I'm in talks right now to do a mentor week on American Idol, and maybe a guest spot on Glee.  Sky's the limit, baby, high as I can hop!  I'll finally get the credit I deserve.  Look at me now, Gertie!  Look at me now!


I'd like to thank the Easter Bunny for taking time out to chat with us today.  Enjoy your easter, everybody!!!

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  1. tee hee! Fun idea - it made me laugh. :)

  2. Thank you for having the Twisted Easter Bunny over, have a Happy Easter Misty and thanks for the morning giggle!!

    jackie b central texas

  3. ha I love this such a good idea Happy Easter ;)

  4. LOL
    Too funny!
    And that video was funny and totally kooky :)

  5. I wish I could trade in some skittles for a singing rabbit.

  6. Even if it sang like that?
    Yuh, yuh yuh yuh, yuh yuh yuh, yuh yuh YUH!!!


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