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Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Face Off (15)

I mentioned this one when I got the book Alis in March (I got this cover Alis though).  So  I have two questions for you.  1) which bonneted cover below does it better for you?  2) Of the covers for Alis, which would you go for?

The Crucible published in 2003 (this cover; orig published well before then)
Alis published in 2007

Last Week on FFO: We did it up werewolf style in honor of vvb's Werewolf Weekend.  In 4 rounds of fur-ripping face-offs:
  1. Jacob slayed Sam, hands down
  2. Derek slaughtered Kieran
  3. Adam struggled back against Richard, but ultimately killed him
  4. Lord Maccon eeked out a barrel-chested win over the very ferocious Clay. <-- I don't know that I could decide between the two of them.


  1. I like the Crucible cover better and the different cover of Alis. I'm not sure why anyone would think I want to look at a fairly close-up pic of the back of a woman's head. It's not like it's The Grudge with something coming out of it. (I've never seen the movie. The trailer freaked me out enough.)

  2. I just found your blog while surfing book blogs and this post inreigued me. I recently did a post that was similar, one that might interest you. It's between The Dark Divine and the No Humans Involved covers (under Double Take - Book Covers on my blog if you want to check it out). They were the first that I noticed which I realized they were the same. I never knew that there were so many out there.


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