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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Red Shelf

Let's take a peek at my red shelf, shall we?

It's been awhile, folks.  Should have shown you a new shelf weeks ago.  But to compensate, I gave you some especially ridiculous "peek at" makeup to match... ;-p

Now, there have been some changes made to the red shelf since this picture was taken (thanks to this past week's Read-a-Thon, which encouraged me to pull some books -- which were immediately replaced, but still).  Freefall got sent off to a friend, and The Sweet Hereafter was given the axe (I put it up for swap on Goodreads, and it was snatched up).  I also pulled The Solomon Sisters Wise Up and The Abracadabra Kid and tossed them into the (prize) pool.

Not pictured:
The Knife of Never Letting Go, which is on the shelf now,
Falling Angels
O, Juliet
The Sea of Monsters
The Book of Lost Things
Famous Family Nights
Fire Study
Rowan of the Wood, all of which reside elsewhere.

Red seems to be a popular cover color choice.  Do you own a lot of read red books?  (<-- oops.  But appropriate)
Mine fave red covers are The Knife of Never Letting Go (for sheer cover awesomeness), Submission (which I only keep because of its cool cover), and Water for Elephants, and my fave red bindings are The Book of Lost Things (has neato vines), The Archivist (which looks like an old tome) and Catching Fire (ooh, shiny!)

What's your favorite?

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  1. Ummm I know Inkheart is red and I own that. Other than that one I'm not sure if I have any other red books.

  2. Ooh pretty! I've been wanting to do this but it would separate books in a series, and that would just make me hyperventilate, hehe. Designers should consider these things.

  3. No clue about which of my books are red.. lol. That's crazy that you're sorting them by color - they look so pretty!

  4. Oooh great red make-up and books ;)

    The only red book I have is an ARC of She Thief by Daniel Finn.

  5. Wow- you own a lot of red books!
    I don't :P

  6. Oh, how i love your colorful shelves. If you lived in France and read in French, that would be hard to do, since most of the books there are just white.

  7. I really love your shelves! I'd love to organise my books this way, but I think that if I did, I'd have about five black shelves and one multi-coloured one!
    Your full bookcase must look very pretty! :)

  8. Ohhh man now I totally want to go and colour-coordinate my books as well. :D Only, as Rhiannon said, then my series would be all split up and everything... but it looks so pretty. :D

  9. You've got me looking at my owned shelf on GoodReads since I'm at work! My favorite red reads are The Shadow of the Wind, Persuasion, The Kite Runner, and Book of a Thousand Days if I decide that it's red.

  10. is that a ducky with a red cape? cute!


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