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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh, and while we're at it...

On Monday, Kristen asked everyone to show their clutter (or lack thereof) in an effort to face the problem and begin finding a solution. Well, you all know how I like to organize books by color, but with a constant rotation of books being borrowed and new books being bought, the organizational system sometimes breaks down...

So not only do you see my book clutter, but you see my general clutter... I really need more space. I forgot to mention in the video that there are more books in the living room and the basement, as well as the ones loaned out, of course. And the ones on their way...Though I swear that's not as many as last month!

So. The plan is to go through and start weeding a bit, and carry on the color coordination, obviously. The problem is, I have a lot of books that I haven't read yet, so I don't want to get rid of them. But I do have books that I know I will never read, or have read and don't want, or don't even know how I ended up with them, and they need to go. I am going to pull said books out and box them up, and they will either go to you, or end up on Book Crossing, Goodreads Swap etc.
If I'm being honest, my shelves probably won't look all that much better at the end of the week because any books I pull will be replaced by books waiting for a home. But I hope to tidy it and cut down on the piles a bit, as well as the useless ephemera scattered everywhere. Though you may notice I color coordinate that as well. It may be useless, but at least it can match...

In case you were wondering what's playing in the background:
Now playing: Miss Li - Stupid Girl
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  1. Whoa! Are those read or TBR?

    PS LOVE the background music. Who is it?

  2. Ha! I just sent you a message -- I had just added it when you commented. :)

  3. O thanks! I love it. It has a very 20s feel!

  4. I'm buying this single on Amazon as we speak :)

  5. Yay! You should give a few of her songs a listen on Lastfm or somewhere and see if you like her. You may want the whole thing. She's great!

  6. Wouldn't it be cool if library fairies existed? You know, like you wake up one day and there is a new room added to your house so all your wonderful books have a home? That would be awesome!

    Nice piles :)

  7. Glad to know I am not the only one with that problem..lol.

    I was trying to clean up my desk because i have like 5 piles of books on it...lol you can verily see my computer..and the more I tried to clean it the more I kept wanting to put books back on it..I think I just feel better surrounded by book...and thats sad..LOL.

  8. LOL, lots of books!

    I hide mine in the closet. The new ones get to stay one the dresser for the week, then they are quickly stashed behind a closed door.

  9. There is a book (imagine that) on how to decorate with books...using them as end tables, etc.
    I think I might order it, because I love the look of books all over...organized or not!

  10. Loved the video! Your bookish clutter actually reminds me of what a writer's room would look like. My bookish clutter on the other hand....well the majority are in 5 tall bookcases....and then some other smaller bookcases. However, I need to buy another small one. I have three book piles on the floor in the bedroom where 3 of the tall bookcases reside. But that's beside the point. I love you book clutter. I would totally write and read there :) It sort of looks like what I would imagine writers in NYC from the 40s living in, having books like that right at your fingertips.


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