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Thursday, April 15, 2010

In which winners are announced...

It's April 15th.  That means 1 of two things: -- you've just realized that your taxes have to be done by midnight (shit!) OR -- you're anxiously awaiting news of winners for a buttload of contests here on Book Rat.
(And you may have always wondered just how much constitutes a "buttload" -- turns out, it's 4)

(this whole videos not syncing up thing is really starting to irritate me. If anyone has any help for this...)


  1. You are awesome Misty! Emailing you now :)

  2. Congratulations to all the winners!!!

    jackie b central texas

  3. Ok now I'm SUPER curious!!!!!!!!! I'll send you my info :)

  4. Ooooh! I'm so excited about the get out of the guillotine free card! Also, congrats to all the other winners! You're awesome, Misty. *hugs*

  5. Congrats winners. Misty you are so cute. No more piercing?

  6. And you are totally kickin' butt in the bottoms up challenge. go girl.

  7. a-ha. the alice rewards finally go out. fortunately, alice is safe back home - away from whatsitland.

  8. Emailed you my info!

    I'm so excited! Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway, and for introducing us newbies to BWB! Glad I could share books with them, too.


    Laura Hartness
    The Calico Critic
    CalicoCritic at gmail dot com


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