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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Face Off (14): Werewolf Style

Continuing the werewolf theme in honor of Velvet's Werewolf Weekend, today we're going to have a Werewolf Face-Off.  (I feel like that's almost a pun, what with the shapeshifting and all...).  It's gonna be another multiple battle FFO, like last week.  Howl out your favorites as appropriate:

Teen Wolf, Round 1: Sam from Shiver v. Jacob from the Twilight books:

Teen Wolf, Round 2: Derek from The Darkest Powers books v. Kieran from Tantalize:

Sexypants Wolf, Round 1: Adam from the Mercedes Thompson books or Richard from the Anita Blake books

Sexypants Wolf, Round 2: Clay from Women of the Otherworld v. Lord Maccon from The Parasol Protectorate

Last Week on FFO: we had a creep-off.  I think we may have been tied across the board, folks.  Creepy. ;p
<---  click and go play


  1. can't decide between sam and jacob. the only other wolfie i know is lord maccon, oh yeah!

  2. Pooo!
    I haven't read all these.
    But I'm still voting ;)
    1. Jacob
    2. Kieran

  3. Oooh fun!

    1 - Sam!
    2 - Derek!
    3 - Richard! (although I like Adam, Richard DEFINES sexy)
    4 - Haven't read either but I'm dying to!

    Great post Misty!

  4. Cool face off! Good choices, too.

    Lemme see...

    1) Jacob
    2) Derek
    3) Adam
    4) Lord Maccon

  5. Only know Jacob and Lord Maccon but I like both of them. :)

  6. 1) Jacob
    2) Derek
    3) Richards
    4) Clay

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  7. Teen Wolf: Jacob!!!

    Those are the only books I've read to date so that's the only one I'm going to vote for :)

  8. Shiver is on my to-be-read list (which is now longer, thanks to all these other werewolf books that I was unaware of!) However, I am familiar with Mercy's Adam and he's got my vote against just about any other werewolf out there, hands down. :)

  9. I haven't read both books from any of your choices. :( Give me a day or two and I might be able to choose between Sam and Jacob. The others do know are hot! I'm glad I don't have to choose between Adam and Lord Maccon!

  10. 2. Derek
    3. Adam
    4. Clay

    Good Choices!


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