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Friday, April 16, 2010

Nat'l Library Week Lovin'

Kate at the Neverending Shelf is waxing poetic this week about her library and the great goodness that is libraries in general, and she's also doing something that I find commendable and want to be a part of. For every 4 comments she gets on this post she is going to donate a book to her local library for their book sale.
She's encouraging others to spread the love and share their libraries, which I am going to do in 5...4...3...2...NOW!

My library system consists of 16 branches through out the county, but the one I frequent is the Dorsch Memorial Library.  It's a tiny(ish) building in downtown Monroe, Mi. Most of the librarians there are friends of mine, and nearly all of them know me by name; they're always friendly and full of suggestions.
[For instance: once upon a time, your truly did not read paranormal romance OR supernatural series OR YA.  Seriously.  My love of these things have come from the suggestions of Jadin, who may well top the list for favorite librarian (sorry, rest of my NL girls!), and whose suggestions never steer me wrong.]
I am a "Friend" of this branch, meaning I pay dues ($5!) and help out when I can.   My book club is at this branch, though we hold it after hours, as it tends to get a bit raucous.  (We've recently discovered that the discussions always seem to got back to sex and cheesecake; if we ever form a band, that will be our name...)
My library displays the art of local artists on the walls and in displays.  They host a massive book sale in the summer to go along with the art and jazz fest that takes place downtown; prices are donation based now, but they used to be 2/25¢ for paperbacks.  Yes, you read that right.
There's a lovely little area outside with benches and trees, and downtown is a pretty nice place to sit.  There's a fountain across the (cobble stone) street.
They've recently begun the process of setting up a Teen center in the library, a little hang out of sorts, and they are really good about having popular programs for teens (like a Twilight Convention and Twilight Prom, gaming tournaments, manga thingies -- lots of variety to give kids a place to go and hang out).

Really, there's not anything not to love about my library.

So.  Following Kate's brilliant lead, I am going to donate a book to my library for every 1/4 of a comment on this post.  Every 4 comments = 1 donated book.   (Please, 1 comment per person, and "real" comments only, not blahblahblahbook.)
If there is anything you do to help out your library, or something you really love about them, why not let them know?  I'd love to hear about it too... :D


  1. Oh my!! I think I am in love with your library just reading the description.
    I can tell that you love your library and want to see it succeed.

    2/25 cents... wow!

    Mahalo for sharing about your library!=)

  2. I'm so excited because they are building a new library in our town. The current one is old and run down. Can't wait til it opens!

  3. My first job was at my local library shelving the books. Even though she can't even be my mom's age, I remember the same head librarian working there from the time I was tiny and my mom was choosing picture books for us. This is a small town library, but they now have a lot of things going on. All kinds of book clubs (which I can never join because of my work schedule); teen activities like poetry night and costume parties; toddler time, including a bilingual edition; a few local authors coming in; the occasional 1-man or -woman show; a tiny local history museum in the basement; and banned book activities, like reading and watching Huck Finn. And then there's the twice-yearly library sale! I have promised myself that I am not going this year because I am drowning in books, but we'll see what happens when Memorial Day weekend rolls around. I don't think my will power is actually that strong. ;-)


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