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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Be My Guest, Jill of The O.W.L.!!!

[Quick note: My apologies to Jill; I had this post scheduled to go at midnight like all BMGs -- or I thought I did, but apparently it was saved as a draft, so it is being published a bit late.  Sorry that you didn't get a full day to yourself, Jill.  On the bright side, you are the first BMG winner!
Also, I took the liberty of linking the books you mention. :D]

So, obviously, Jill of The O.W.L. is today's guest. Jill is a middles school teacher, and runs a great blog that focuses on Middle Grade books. Today she wants to talk to us about great MG reads for boys, who can be reluctant readers, to say the least.

Take it away, Jill!

Shiver, The Dark Divine, Fallen, Graceling – all great books! But, as a 7th grade English teacher would I hand them to the boys I teach? Nope. I could of course, but trust me most 13 year old boys wouldn’t read them. Every day I read multiple blog posts about some really really awesome books. The problem for me when it comes to using those books to get my kids reading – there aren’t many boys books highlighted. So today I thought I’d share with you some great “boy” books/authors I’ve found. I’d love if you’d read some of their stuff and recommend it on your blog, because trust me – I have to fight harder to get to get, and keep, my boys reading than I do my girls.

These books are great because they are action packed – something many boys need in order to stay focused on the book. I also like Percy because he’s not perfect. He messes up a lot – something anyone can relate to!

author Kurtis Scaletta

His book Mudville is a great book for middle grade boys. Not only is it about baseball, but about the one moment that defines who you are and what you’ll become. He has another book coming out this summer called Mamba Point and it looks like another winner for boys!

author Cuthbert Soup

He is the author of a new book out called A Whole Nother Story. I just shared the book trailer with my students and they loved it! Goofy and light hearted – perfect!

Tunnels series by Roderick Gordon

Great books with a strong independent main character that works hard to make the right choices. These books sometimes intimidate my readers because they are thick – but with the action they move along quite well.

Yes I’ve seen a ton of girls read these, but I’ve also hooked many boys into reading with this series. It helps that the main character is a boy so they can relate. What’s cool is that this series switches main characters at one point, so they have to stretch their reading some to work with a new voice thrown after them – after they were use to the old one!

I cannot think of a single book that I’ve used to get more boys reading than The Outsiders. Over and over I’ve heard from even my most reluctant boy readers how much they loved this book. Once you have them hooked with The Outsiders it’s just a quick jump to Tex, That Was Then This is Now and Taming the Star Runner. Many times I have thanked Ms. Hinton for writing what she does. 

Thanks Jill!  I think you are absolutely right on these.  The Shadow Children is the only series of books that my sister (who is a reluctant reader) has ever come home talking about, or asked me to read; S.E. Hinton was a big hit when I was in MS, and I still have a fondness for her.  And I've never heard of Cuthbert Soup, but I am so completely intrigued by that name that I think I'm going to have to look him up!
My neighbor has a son who has always been a bit hard to find  books for, and though he's a bit young yet, I am going to have to file these away for her. :)

What about the rest of you?  Any good recommendations for Middle Grade boys and reluctant readers?

Also, I mentioned Jill is the first BMG winner (yay, Jill!); if you want your own chance to win something neato and be showcased here on BR, just fill out this form; it's quick, it's easy, and it has a sheep!


  1. Great post girls!

    Some books / authors I think MG boys might like:

    Patrick Carman - his Atherton trilogy is spectacular

    The Maze Runner by James Dashner - great male MC

    The 39 Clues books by various authors - action packed and short!

  2. Very cool guest post. I know my boy students really like Matt Christopher.

  3. Thanks for having me!!!!!

  4. WHat Fun. Ehh..I have no Idea what a boy that age would love to read


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