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Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Face Off: Halloween Candy

Earlier in the month we had a guest post from Allison about candy and books, so it seemed natural to make this week's FFO a candy showdown.  So, I give this difficult question to you: what's the best candy?  Whether it's a mini version of your favorite candy bar or something you only ever really eat at Halloween, which are you most excited to see drop in your cute little jack-o-lantern pail?

Speak up!  Comments on this post -- and all the rest throughout the month -- count toward your total entries in the Helluva Halloween Tricks and Treats Grab Bag!



  1. I love candy corn! It's basically the greatest Halloween candy ever! And I love apples. I know it isn't candy, but it makes me happy how readily available they are. AND I love eating them with carmel, which is definitely candy. :)

  2. Snickers and kit kats are my favorites!

  3. Oh gosh! I love candy. My favourite is Milky Way, chocolate...mmmm. :)

  4. I love candy in general so I rarely discriminate! lol

    I love Three Musketeers, Kit Kat and Reeses's {basically anything chocolate!!}. I like Blow Pops (don't eat those often) and Sweet Tarts. I don't mind the occasional Charleston Chew, Junior Mints, Swedish Fish or Airheadsw.

    And finally, I love candy corn and autumn mix! Those you can only get during this time of year!

    Wow, reading back - it's a wonder I don't have more cavities, lol.


  5. Twix and M&M's.! I always steal them from my brothers trick or treat bags. ^^


  6. I LOVE peanut butter cups and candy corn! So delicious! And of course my family buys tons of them to tempt me. :)

  7. Candy corn!!!! When I used to trick or treat I loved stopping by one of our neighbors who made chocolate into the forms of ghosts and other things on a stick and that was my favorite hit of the night.. altho I usually ate it right away, on the way to other houses. :)

  8. Chocolate snack bars. Yum yum... :D

  9. Chocolate! Any kind in any form! :P

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