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Thursday, October 21, 2010

"People Under the Stairs" movie review, from Nina of J'adore Happy Endings

People Under The Stairs (1991)
Director: Wes Craven

First let me say that when it actually is Halloween I hope this movie is not going to be aired. Because I will probably wind up watching it, hide under the blankets and sleep with the lights on. And then the next day I probably look like a zombie! Yes, it’s one of my favourites, but it also freaks the hell out of me.

In short, it’s about a 13 year old boy who lives in the Ghetto. He needs money desperately and his sisters boyfriend is willing to help him. They break into a house, which is a big mistake, because now they cannot get out. The people who lives there has a terrible secret they are about to find out.

The first time I watched this movie I was 17 years old. Oh, I remember that time well. My older sister loves horror movies. She adores them. Seriously she has all the DVDs of Nightmare on Elm street. The guy at the counter of the video rental said this one was supposed to be scary. So of course she had to watch it and who watched it with her? yes, moi and we where both screaming our lungs out at the end.

The booby traps, the guy with no tong, the dog, the running and screaming, oh my. It was all frightening and bloody. A lot of suspense, because your screaming at Fool to look out and watch behind him. You want him to survive and to escape the creepy house, the people who lives there and the people under the stairs that reminds me of zombies.

If you have not seen People Under The Stairs you should see it. It’s good! It’s horror at it’s best. Though be warned, you will be scared.
Alice: Can't get out. No one ever has.
Fool: Well, I'm gonna get out. I'm a whole other thing.

J'adore Happy Endings


  1. I haven't watched this movie and if it is that scary, maybe I won't, but never say never. >_<'''

  2. I haven't seen this one, but I've added it to my horror movie list for Blockbuster. I think I'm going to try to convince one of my roomies to watch it with me this weekend!

  3. had heard of this one before considering i liked nightmare on elm street way back when. the title reminds me of harry potter when his room was under the stairs. eeeek. but he turns out to be a good guy.

  4. Thankx for posting Misty! :)

  5. Followed Nina here :)
    nice place, and great review Nina!

  6. I remember watching one of these (I think there was more than one made) and it wasn't too scary, so I think it must have been the sequel (I'm almost sure of it). However, I have heard the first was as scary as you said. O_o Great review!

  7. I watched The People Under the Stairs on netflix apk premium free, it was a great movie, thank you

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I watched The People Under the Stairs on netflix app premium free, it was a great movie, thank you


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