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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Helluva Halloween Tricks and Treats Grab Bag


Alright, it's time to really get this Halloween ball rollin', shall we?
You know how I do: it's giveaway time.  For Helluva Halloween, we're going to do a little Helluva Halloween Tricks and Treats Grab Bag.  I know you're wondering what's in the bag...I can tell you it's so great, I kinda have to make you work for it.  Just a little.  So this is what we're going to do.  There are going to be lots of events for you to participate in, lots of great reviews, interviews and guest posts to comment on, and all around encouragement of shenanigans.  To enter to win some Tricks and Treats, you simply must participate in at least one of the games or challenges posted through out the month.  You can also gain additional entries for each post you comment on.  So: Write a haiku for the Horror Haiku Challenge: entry.  Write two: two entries.  Tweet a mini-horror story: point.  Comment on 8 different posts: 8 additional entries.  You get the idea.

I know, I know, you're saying: But what's in the bag?  Weeeell:
  • your choice of book from the Prize Pool PLUS a selection of surprise Halloween-ish books from me (yes that's books.  Plural.) 
  • handmade Halloween cards and stationery
  • handmade Halloween necklace
  • a mess of swag
  • candy!
Check back right here for the growing list of challenges and games you can play:
  1. Halloween Craft Off
  2. Horror Haiku Challenge
  3.  Caption This! Picture Challenge
Coming soon:
  • Twitter mini-horror story challenge
  • Halloween Mad Libs
  • On a Dark and Stormy Night story contest

So.  Just fill out this form to throw your name in the hat, and then participate to your hearts content; I'll keep track of your comments and challenge entries, you just have to have fun and come out and play!

Rules: you must participate in at least one challenge or game during Helluva Halloween; challenge entries can be posted in comments where appropriate, or on your own blog and linked in comments.  Comments on posts throughout Helluva Halloween will gain additional bonus entries  International.

*Have a challenge or game you'd like to see during Helluva Halloween?  Leave me a comment or send me an email at mbradenwf AT gmail DOT com!


  1. Thank you for another great giveaway, Misty! >__<

  2. This is going to be so very fun!

  3. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  4. I participated in DeRaps Reads challenge and of course I chose a zombie. Here's my post (I would like it to count as an entry): http://titania86-fishmuffins.blogspot.com/2010/10/helluva-halloween-ii-contest-choose.html


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