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Monday, October 4, 2010

Helluva Halloween Twitter Challenge

For Jane in June we had the JnJ mini-fanfic challenge, so I thought, why not do it up again -- and better -- for Helluva Halloween.  The idea is simple: you have to write a twitter-sized (140 characters or less) retelling of your favorite scary story, urban legend, movie, etc.  OR you can come up with your own mini-story ala the oft-creepy tales of VeryShortStory.   Post it on twitter with the hashtag Helluva Halloween (#HelluvaHalloween), or if you don't tweet, post in the comments section below.  (Please note, including the hashtag in your tweet shortens your available length.  If you need the full 140, you can @DarlingMisty me a hashtag before or after the tweet, and I will find the post.)

Participation in this challenge DOES gain you entry in the Helluva Halloween Tricks and Treats Grab Bag.  AND it's easy.  AND it's fun!

So to get the ball rolling, here's my first #HH tweet:
"I had to do it; you would have too. How could I not? It was the beating of his hideous heart! #HelluvaHalloween"  
It's Poe!  Perfect for mini-tweeting!

  1. I had to do it; you would have too. How could I not? It was the beating of his hideous heart! #HelluvaHalloween


  1. She clawed her way through the door and growled. Honey, i'm home.
    -a mashup, female werewolf Jack, based on The Shining

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