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Friday, October 22, 2010

Cemetery Photography, pt 2

After the lovely post from Jo of Liquidity of Time on cemetery photography, Book ♥ Soulmates wanted to get in on the action, too.  She brought us her own cemetery photography post with an older and more deliciously creepy look.  Here are some highlights, but I would suggest checking out the full post on her blog.
Book ♥ Soulmates says:

One of my favorite qualities of old cemeteries is their asymmetry. I love the variety in style and size of the headstones and how they're all randomly scattered across the grounds.
Probably one of my FAVORITE pictures of our tour!

I fee like this picture really captured the gothic beauty of Greyfriar's.

Please tell this me that seeing THIS grave a night would not scare the living day-lights out of you!! I got goosebumps just walking past it!  

It. Was. AWESOME!!!

When I get a chance (and when I find my camera) I'll have a part 3 coming -- did a little photog of my own when I went on my short little vacation to norther Mi earlier in the month...


  1. I like the photos and can't wait for part 3.

  2. So cool!!! I'm envious -- these look amazing! :) Checking out their post now....

  3. I enjoy many strolls through hallowed grounds. :) They are beauitful gothic creepy and just so peaceful. It is hard to go wrong when visiting a cemetery.

    Do stop by and drop a note for my contact/policy draft. I'd kindly appreciate it.

    Have a lovely day.

    Mad Scientist

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