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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Witch Craft (Halloween craft book) by Alicia Kachmar and Margaret McGuire

Open this little book of "Witch Craft" for a spellbinding collection of dark arts and crafts! Full-color photos of 25+ completed projects are accompanied by simple illustrated instructions for crafting scraps, found objects, and everyday items into wonderfully witchy treats: turn a handful of old trinkets into a truly wicked charm bracelet. Trap your beloved's locks in a heart-shaped locket. Stitch up a midnight black tutu in minutes. Make satin flowers into a bewitching headband. Fashion an average plushie into a wicked little poison apple. Sew a faux puppy-fur coat (a la Cruella DeVille!) out of your old stuffed animals. And much, much more! 

First off, I have to thank Tiffany and Eric (both of Quirk books), the former for suggesting this one to me, and the latter for sending it.  Thanks, guys!

This little craft book is absolutely delightful!  It's compiled from a wide variety of sources, so there's a little something for everybody, no matter your aesthetic or crafting skill level.  Nearly every page I turned elicited an "Ooh, I wanna make that!" or an "Oh, that's just awesome!"  There are decorative ideas, costume ideas, gift ideas, party snacks -- it's sort of limitless.  Especially when you consider the inspiration factor.  An idea you see in the book may spur another idea, which dominoes into something all its own. 

The design is really nice, too.  It's not a huge bulky book, and it has nice-sized full-color photos of all of the crafts.  There's also a section in the back that has info on where to get some of the products used, as well as an extensive list of independent sellers from etsy and the like (many of whom were contributors on the book.)

I fully intend to make some of these and (just sayin') the winner of the Helluva Halloween Tricks and Treats Grab bag may end up with a little something from one of my favorite ideas in here...

Basically, if you're crafty, or you're looking for a fun project to do with your kids or girl scouts troup or mom's club or whatever gets you to get your craft on, I'd pick this one up. It's worth it.

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  1. How cute! OOoo and I love those shoes :) I've wanted a pair every since I first saw The Wizard of Oz many many moons ago.


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