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Thursday, October 7, 2010

DeRaps Reads Challenge + GIVEAWAY!

Mrs DeRapsof DeRaps Reads is getting into the Helluva Halloween spirit with a choose your character challenge and giveaway.

<--- ha!

What you do:
"Pretend that you are a character in a paranormal YA book. What is your paranormal identity? Are you a vampire? A werewolf? A zombie? Something else? Give a name to your character and a bit of your story.
What you win:

 !!!  As you all know, this is on my wishlist (damn near the top), so I will  be participating in this one.  I might even do a few of them, just for the hell of it.  One for each of my multiple personalities...

So head over to DeRaps Reads for your chance to win. And to sweeten the pot?  Participation in Mrs DeRaps challenge will count as an entry in the Helluva Halloween Tricks and Treats Grab Bag!  Just make sure you leave a comment on the grab bag post to let me know you want your DeRaps entry counted!  I'll be stopping by often to read everyone's personas, so I look forward to seeing what you come up with!!!

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