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Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Face Off: Zombie Locomotion

So...there's been some talk in the Zombosphere* this week about slow moving vs. fast moving zombies, so I thought I'd bring the battle to you in a Face Off.  The choice is yours.  Slow moving but relentless, or scary-fast and...what?  Are there downfalls to the scary-fast zombie?
Which is scarier?  Which would you rather face toe-to-rotting-toe?  Lemme know in the comments!

Last Week on FFO: Icky Edibles:  You all seemed equally disgusted with the idea of eating either zombie jerky OR canned unicorn.  Which leads me to believe that you would all die in the coming battle.  Squeamish fools.  Inoli, however, gets a gold star (useless, but shiny) for this: "You take what you can get during an apocalypse but if I had plenty of both the zombie jerky would be good while on the run. On the occasions when I could settle for a while and build a fire I bet the unicorn meat would be a treat sliced and sauteed."

*Click on the link to go to Fishmuffin's giveaway. Answer the question to enter to win some neato stuff!


  1. I actually don't care at what speed a zombie moves as long as it's moving with the purpose to eat some brains!!

  2. i'll take slow moving zombies. gives me time to aim or run.

    scary-fast zombies are more scary. if they move in a blur you can't see what they're gonna do. not good for those of us with slow reflex.

  3. I prefer slow zombies because fast zombies don't really make much sense. Their muscles would atrophy at an alarming rate, leaving them crippled in a very short amount of time. The Forest of Hands and Teeth is the only book or film so far that has addressed this problem in a logical way.

  4. Picture a wolf running circles around a herd of sheep. Now picture a person running across the yard engulfed in a swarm of hornets. I'll choose running circles around the slow moving horde.

  5. I prefer slow moving zombies, so I have time to run. I have been a bit lazy lately. >_<


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