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Monday, September 6, 2010

Kids (Craft) Corner: Zombie Barbie

 Geekologie did this lovely little piece about gettin' your craft on, zombie-style, and now I am just dying to try it.  (<--- get it?  Dying...)  ZOMBIE BARBIE:

Geekologie has step by step pictorial instructions showing how to maim and decay your very own childhood toy into your very own flesh-eating bit of awesome.
I had to smile to myself when I saw this, because someone gave my sister a My Size Barbie once (god knows why, freaky little thing), and we now use it every year in our Halloween display.  Usually she's a witch, but last year she was a zombie mama with a little bloody-mouthed zombie babe.  It was sickeningly priceless.  (I don't remember taking pictures, but I'll do some digging when I have a chance...)

So I feel like I need to raid the basement this week and see if I can dredge up a barbie and go to town.  This arts-n-crafts time is too good to pass up.

Agree?  Make your own and use it to enter the Zombie Craft Challenge!

*Theres another one to check out over at Cotton Spool.


  1. Zombie Barbie ... omg ... that is absolutely PERFECT!!!! Now I'm wondering what we did with that box of old dolls we dug out of the attic just last week?

    GREAT craft idea :D

  2. no nekkid barbies! we needs to see some fashionable zombie barbies pleeeez ;-D

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

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