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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Zombiette Round Up: Week 1

This week, in the world of brain eating femme fatales:
My posts:
Other Awesome:
Zombies got on with their undead lives in Married with Zombies, (reviewed by Celia and given away by Cecilia.

Zombies and angels make strange bedfellows @ vvb32reads in her Strange Angels review and her Angels cover spot.  Make sure you choose a side, zombies or angels, to win Strange Angels or Halo from Velvet!

Of course you know zombies and unicorns went head to head (and that just does not sound like it could end well for the zombies...). Lexie told us about the book,  Titania warned us with a PSA and then laid down the smack down, but also tempered it with a fantastic review of unicorn book Rampant.

Velvet introduced us to a book I have to get my hands on, A Zombie Ate My Cupcake: 25 Deliciously Weird Cupcake Recipes, by Lily Vanilli.  There is nothing about that title I don't like.  Check out the sample recipe Velvet shared for Blood Stained Brain Halloween Cupcakes.  Nom.

If you've got a sec, make sure to enter:
  1. the ZOMBIE CRAFT CHALLENGE (somebody?  Anybody?) here on BR
  2. my September Zombies GRAB BAG GIVEAWAY
  3. Velvet'smonth-long Zombies vs. Unicorns challenge
  4. Unicorn Wished Stationery from Velvet
  5. Cecilia's Monthly Grab is back, with a special Zombie Grab version
  6. as mentioned above, Strange Angels or Halo from Velvet
  7. Zombies vs. Unicorns buttons from Cecilia
  8. Happy Hour of the Damned from Velvet.
  9. and the one I personally want (tons and tons of braaaains worth): hand-felted zombies from Cecilia, which I so think should be entered in the Zombie Craft Challenge!

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