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Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Zombies Wrap-up

Well folks, it's been a good month for zombies.  Bad one for humans, obviously, but the cooler weather is slowing them down, and soon we'll be back to feigning blissful ignorance when the occasional undead is spotted.  Hopefully soon, with the help of the mighty Unicorn (perhaps even the serenading unicorn), we can vanquish this messy and tactless foe once and for all.*

*But then what will we do with all the unicorns?

I hope you've learned a bit about this dangerous enemy; I know us zombiettes have done our best to prepare you for what is to come.  But just in case you haven't learned enough, or are afraid you're going to fall victim to the zombocalypse, I'm going to leave you with a little zombie blitz, showing the softer side of zombies -- and then snapping you back to reality with the ick factor again.
So enjoy that, the blitz will directly follow this post.

But before I leave you to move on to things no less scary and gross, I know you all want to hear the winner of the Zombie Grab Bag, yeah?
I suppose I can obli--

Hey.  What's that noise?
Do any of you hear a scraping, sort of shuffling noise?
Is that moaning?
It can't be!  I've zombie-proofed this house, I swear it!  I--



Tell me all your thoughts.
Let's be best friends.


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