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Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's begun, and they're coming...But from the most unlikely direction...


  1. OMG
    You made me laugh and laugh.
    How funny!
    Is this cutie yours?

  2. That is too adorable. It reminds me of when I was little and I thought it would be cute to put lipstick on our Siamese kitty, Joy. 'Cept, I used that cheap mood lipstick - do you remember it from the 80's?? it was, like a green tube, and when you put it on, no matter how you were feeling, it turned bright pink? - er, well, her lips were BRIGHT pink and stained that way FOR -EVER!

  3. Nope, the Hell Beast isn't mine. Just an ominous portent I came across...

    And Christina -- Do I EVER remember that lipstick! My mom won't let me live down the fact that I put some on before my 5th grade school photo (yes, it was still around in the 90s), and had neon lips in the picture. There were a lot of "11 year olds don't need lipstick!" talks after that...

  4. When I was first married, we had a white toy poodle. I loved him dearly but boy you are right on the *hell beast* ...

    I came home from work and the little stinker had chewed up all these tye-dyed florals I had in a wine bottle (so 1979 LOL).

    Pierre looked JUST like this little demon, even down to the same expression! He was stained every color of the rainbow.

  5. mmmm, I do not know how I feel about this. lol. Creepy!


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