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Monday, September 20, 2010

Kids (Craft) Corner: Zombie Sheep

Found this abosultely fantastic zombie sheep tutorial on squidoo.  It was put together by the fab Stuwaha.
Check it out:

Of course, this is just a snippet of the tutorial, just to give you an idea.
Definitely giving this one a try!  I had intended to start it today, actually, but of course, I forgot black clay.
For step by step directions, head over to Stuwaha's squidoo page and learn how to raise a flock of your own zombie sheep.
But why stop there?  Create your own zombie animals -- farm or otherwise -- and enter them in the zombie craft challenge!

<--- Herbert says DOOO ITTT!


  1. That sheep body looks like brains. Or maybe I'm just hungry.


  2. baaaaaaaah!
    could probably even make a zombie cow with those ingredients ;-D

  3. I would love to try this. That zombie sheep is really fantastic!

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